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Thursday, February 02, 2006

midweek roundup

ARGH. frustrating after thoughts but what a match.

I was there to witness Agger's debut.
there to see Gerrard score his 18th goal in the season.

There to see Fowler make his emphatic return. the noise and cheers from the crowd even as he warmed up on the touchline could send a tinge down ur spine.

bloody hell, but to their credit, birmingham did well too. 10 men but nv panicked.
the dreaded equalizer came in the form of a silly own goal by Alonso. damn. really damn. first goal conceded since chelsea's win here. birm becomes the 2nd team to breach our defence at the anfield fortress. i feel for him, after seeing how he tried to atone for his mistake by curling a top corner freekick only to be thwarted by maik taylor the birm keeper.

I swore i jumped when Fowler "scored" that overhead kick. reminiscent of his goal in the 3-2 win over Charlton some years back to secure us a CL spot in the Treble winning season eh? too bad offside. damn again. Didn't get all 3 points, but at least the spirit we had was more than comforting. Chelsea at Stamford bridge next. damn damn damn.

Mourinho's men dropped points. i got feeling their "blip" that never came last season has finally materialized. chelsea no longer the mean blue machine churning out results week after week. trailing more often, such as to sunderland.. then drew against everton last weekend and now this draw. bodes well for the others eh?

Henry broke the all-time goalscoring record for the Gunners. but too bad. still lose in this London derby against West Ham. was kinda surprised to see them trailing 2-0 at home early on man. tot livescore playing punk. and of course, how can we forget our dear man utd.

kesmond, u were right. man u is suck cock ay, not i say one eh. 'cos we were chatting b4hand and he made that remark.. true it proved to be. man u was down 4-1 man. 4-1. wad a disgrace. tot can rest RVN lidat. dream on man, fergie. ur fledglings all cmi one. rotate and u shall die. see lah, lose 4-3. boohoohoo~ song boh?

the so called big 4 all failed to clinch all 3 points. a rarity these days. jinhan, i'm sure u got watch man u's woeful display right? wahaha... i shall go sleep with a smirk on my face.. . it could have been sweeter man.. if not for the 88th min o.g. damn.


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