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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Reds rampage

Woo. England vs Argentina was a nice match. Took a break from studying to catch it. Worthwhile I say. Have not seen such an exciting match with end-to-end action for sometime. Argentina indeed live up to their reputation as football aristocrats along with the Brazilian samba masters. Look at their fluid passing and calmness on the ball despite being pressed to the touchlines each time by the English players. Really don't understand what's wrong with Barcelona man. Sign Riquelme without giving him any first team chance.

To me, the Man of Match surely belongs to Gerrard. Yea, Beckham and Rooney played well too. But Owen was totally anonymous before he pop up to score 2 lah. Maybe that's a strikers' instinct. Just need 1 chance to convert and you're propelled from zilch to hero. Just look at Gerrard's running when he ran to the byline then pass back, only for that idiot lampar to think he's playing rugby. And Gerrard's pass to Rooney but the chip hit the bar. And not forgetting Stevie G's assist to Owen. Woo!

Elsewhere. Luis Garcia scored a hat-trick for Spain in their qualifying match. Surprised for he wasn't even a regular starter. Morientes added in 1 too. Muahaha... now the floodgates are open. The Mighty Reds shall march on. You're warned.


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