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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

how to fold paper (gasp!)

If you thought that a piece of paper could only be folded in half 7 times, you're dead wrong - some fella in the US folded it an unprecedented 12 times!

Here's the link.
(warning : some math involved. lol.)

And by the way, contrary to popular belief, my exams are not over yet. Damn econs s. Not to mention I blew yesterday's math s too. yee-haw. -_-"

SDD is in a week (?) and I still can't find a bloody shirt even though I trekked through marina square, suntec and raffles city yesterday. Eventually I had to settle for 4 potential candidates, but my mom was none too pleased when she heard the price of 65 bucks. Looks like I have my bargaining cut out for me (with my mother I mean)

Hmm, back to man u/villareal. Yeah the match was disappointing, but I don't have doubts that they will qualify for last 16. Maybe they'll kick pool's butt in the knockout stages. That'll be quite a thought ^^ then i'll see what swee have to write for his column. muahahahahaha..

P.S. I'm playing GTA : San Andreas now, and it just pwns everything else. Later homies.


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