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Saturday, November 19, 2005


well well.

i'm no man u fan. nor a fan of keano.

but i must say, i damn respect his outburst at his teammates.

this time round, fergie got it all wrong.

no doubt, he felt betrayed. felt backstabbed that his 'mouthpiece' this time round publicly lashed out at his teammates to the media, although MUTV can be considered an internal production.

fergie wanted everything to be settled in the dressing room and no hard feelings or contempt is supposed to reach the ears of the media.

no wonder he's angry.

but i say. think from another perspective. You really must give Keano credit.

He's injured. he can't play a part in the big clash with Chelsea. Upon watching his beloved team crumbled to boro, he flew back to man u from the middle east where he was recuperating cum holidaying.

He criticized for he care.

Any lesser player would simply just keep his mouth shut and peacefully proceed towards his final few months with lucrative wages of 100k pounds each week. He didn't need to jeopardize that. He could really just let it go.

But he didn't. For he wanted the best from his fellow mates. Nothing but the best as per his high expectations and demands of himself.

But this is Roy Keane. The straightforward guy who would break your leg if you ever hurt him ala Haaland.

He did what he did in the best of his team interests. To spur them on. To give them a wake-up call.

But now, he paid the ultimate price.

fergie is taking him as a convenient scapegoat.

i tell you. if i'm a Man U fan, i'll revolt outside the gates of Old Trafford ala the Glazer takeover incident.

now it's all wrong. no team captain, no inspirational fighter who gave his all. only fletcher, smith and scholes to fill the central midfield slots for now, till the January transfer window at least. A war chest of 10million to replace Keano? I laugh.

He's irreplaceable.

Salute him for his love of his team and his willingness to step out and be counted. When he could simply fade into the background and draw his final payday at man united.