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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

World Cup fever

Australia did it. finally. think got few decades they haven't reach the finals proper now. a pity for their Oceania qualifying group is a big joke and appealing to FIFA to allocate them an automatic slot would be totally ludicrous. The likes of American Samoa, Fiji all that are real whipping boys. NZ & Solomon Islands are slightly better, but i think even worse than teams like Cambodia or Philippines.

But alas, they've done it. Not really surprising, considering they've lotsa players plying the European leagues too. EPL stars like Viduka, Kewell, Brett Emerton, Mark Schwarzer etc..
But think of it, i think it's a big insult to football too. Disrespect. You get this Guus Hiddink in, just couple of months before the final playoff legs, then qualify just lidat. Joke. Australia didn't even need to field any Kewell or Viduka prior to this. But i must say, at least Australia has more potential to do well than USA, ranked in the top 10 for unknown reasons.

Tonight the 32 teams will finally be confirmed. Debutants Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast & Angola from the African contingent plus teams like Serbia & Montenegro previously Yugoslavia... Poland was rather surprising too.

Trinidad & Tobago or Bahrain? Either way, it is a massive achievement already. Considering they only have like, 3 million and 667k in population size respectively. It's like, a small Fiji can produce a Vijay Singh in golf. You read about news of the African nations celebrating qualification like it's the best ever thing it had ever occured to them... lagi better than gaining independence from their colonial masters lidat.

Makes you wonder.

When is it our turn?

Goal 2010 was and will be a pipe dream.

Even twenty years down the road, i think we can't even claim bragging rights as the kings of ASEAN football. The Thais are doing everything right with their tom-yum football man.

I really think we need another Abramovich or something or 'buy' us citizens to play for us. Not the coach Avramovic.


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