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Monday, November 07, 2005

Incoherent rambling.

Woohoo. 1 more day. Am still studying history and math now, chem gotta shelf till tmr evening. Haha, deep shit.

Met Jen on MSN just now. She said she was "going to explode". I told her that won't happen... unless she pressed the red dot on her forehead.

Oh, Ronald Teo Jun Rong selemat datang crappingstop. Haha, dunno spell/use the malay words correct anot, rmb Slim used to use that on Shawn.

Anyway, tmr Math P1 at 2.00pm.

Instruction to Candidates:

1. You are required to bring along this document (entry proof) when you report for the examination.

2. You are required to bring the identification document (IC/Passport) when you.....

Guess who'll forget to bring? Hmm, maybe we should place some odds here, just like how they place the odds on which Man U player to get sacked first... Haha.



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