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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

life after exams

well well.

for those who haven't really bade farewell to your books and notes. I'm so glad I've finally broken free from that cycle, only to find myself indulging in another form of lifestyle cycle.

God damn. I'm addicted to Silkroad Online, a MMORPG *massive multiplayer online role-playing game for the uninitiated* It's fun and the graphics are brillant. It's the next best thing available after WoW and it is free forever, so no complaints there despite the lag. Some fond memories though, for the last such game i played was Renewal Online like some 3 years back? 'cos you really need to devote lotsa time to train and lvl up ur char if you really want to be strong. no point feeling satisfied with a mediocre, casual player type eh? not when you have such a long holiday. but guess this is going to end soon though. filled up an application form to work in my mum's workplace liao. having mixed feelings whether this is good or bad. More income yes, but must live the live of a normal student/worker again. no watching soccer till the wee hours of the morning, no playing games till 2am... come back home liao so tired, also not in the mood anymore.

But the server is still damn unstable, and a server update has been causing me problems in logging in since yesterday afternoon. it was horrible, when you can't go grind your character and plough thru' the quests whereas others experienced no problems. Surfing those fansites & forums also proved to be vainless and there's no clear solution to it. Damn.

And, recently I've been watching more sports on tv. saw how federer raced to an early 2 set lead, only for his body to throw in the towel and trail by 4 games in the final set. I bet Nalbandian must have got a real scare though when he thought all was cruising only for the Fed Express to miraculously pick himself up and lead 6-5 even. But alas, he still lost in the tiebreaker. only his 4th defeat this year eh? scary. i think only Nadal has a real good chance of beating a top-form Federer in each clash 'cos his top spin and heavy smashes can inflict maximum damage to the Swiss' game.

Oh yeah, Man U sux. spoil my day only siah. A depleted Villareal side w/o Riquelme and Forlan also cannot beat. wth? you all forgot you may not qualify for the knockout phase eh? Now i truly hope Man U will NOT advance and banish you all to the ignominy of plying the MORE illustrious UEFA Cup and join the likes of Boro and Bolton. Haha. If Lille wins Benifica next, hohoho. Bye bye man u, and the Glazers are going to go bust! Let's see how they service the massive debt when they're success-deprived. no additional revenue plus a rapidly dwindling fanbase, that's the classic recipe for the doom of a big club eh? Congrats.

And oh yeah, if things go well, hope to see my weekly article in Football Weekly. $60 for each, good money i must say when you're writing about something you're interested and know all about. But to earn 1k each month, must write like 4 a week? Not that i don't want, but i reckon even they also won't allocate so much duties to a yet to be trusted novice in the field.

Nonetheless, things are looking good. and how come online always nobody now eh? i know the exams aren't really over for some of you, but afternoon our class none of us online...? wth?

dun all online liao nv log in msn leh. or lagi worse, all put offline status.