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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Post-exam bullshit.

Hmm, my 1st entry after A lvl.

Apparently, many of us have difficulty filling in the void created with our departure from VJC. Sitting infront of the TV/PC or just lazing aroudn are not quite in line with the grand 'vision' that we have envisioned before the end of the exams huh. Well, I guess we all need some time to settle down to the new realities of life, considering that we've been screwed by the education system for the past 12 yrs. And the fact that none of us are enlisting in December- depriving us of an impetus to quickly straighten out our lives, doesn't help much too.

LJH's (not LJB) entry on the topic of friendship reminds me of an experience i went through not long ago. I had originally wanted to stop a quarrel between 2 good friends of mine (I've this friend who's weaker in english, and the other almost always try to make fun of him). But ended up getting sucked into the argument. Was accused of showing off my vocab ( i used the words 'albeit', 'morbid'). In the end our friendship withstands this test and everything turns out fine. But not before i've learnt a lesson: the proper usage of words. I believe this will become more pertinent as we step out into the society and meet different kinds of people. Seriously, our class people will probably treat words like 'morbid' or even 'lackadasical' like no big deal but repeat that to another audience... i'm not too sure. We'll just have to be more prudent in the future to avoid stepping unknowingly on other people's toes.

On a lighter note, seems like LJB (not LJH) has found a new job writing articles on sports. Hey, have you ever considering working for the toilet paper? I think you'll do a better job than that Edwin. His predictions for the soccer scores are bullshit, perfect for anyone wanting to throw good money away. Once in a while he'll get lucky, and he'll boast all bout it in the paper. At least that's the impression i get of him.. Plus.. if you write for the toilet paper right, then next time you won't have to go to newspaper stands to buy em! You'll probably have a complimentary copy or you can help yourself to one. Imagine the money you would help your family save! A lifetime supply of toilet paper! Woah.

The fringe benefits are evidently substantial. Ponder over it k...

Alright, that's all for now.



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