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Friday, November 11, 2005


Was surfing hwz forum just now. saw this thread on the A380 plane that touched down in Singapore this morning... damn awe-inspiring i must say. Gives u those kinda of vibes that 'This is what technology is all about'. What a long way we've progressed since the Wright brothers flew the first plane. A masterpiece.

shall leech some pics from there.

look at that midget behind it. lol.

but, i still think Boeing is going to win this aviation war. The Dreamliner's approach of smaller planes, shorter flights is a more potentially winning gamble as compared to Airbus' long haul flights. The cost of such long distance without any transit flights sure going to spiral, think it largely appeals to the business world executives who jet around the world and can afford to pay. Or maybe not. Since such big companies may even have their own chartered planes.

And I read in last week's report that with A380's 4 mega turbo engines, it is surely going to be less energy-efficient during takeoff & landing. But nonetheless, pray that the Europeans can finally put up some fight to Boeing & break its monopoly successfully. A risky bet, with potentially lucrative returns. But, a little setback may cost to the tunes of billions lost.

But still kudos to this piece of engineering wonder. Spanning the length of a football field, this is going to interesting come next year.


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