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Sunday, August 07, 2005

the night is young...

This is it. Probably the official flagging off of mugging process. kinda fast eh? Time really flies, few months time we'll be taking our A's then into Army we go. Heard endless stories, be it about the horror hauntings, camaraderie between bunk mates or the horrible sirs in the upper echelon ordering you around to do silly things. At least it seemed silly to the 3rd party listening in.

Okie. Nostalgia is not the theme of this entry. But rather, I'm still rather amused by my mum's music preferences. 'Cos right, she suey suey happened to chance on this Mongolian song called 吉祥三宝 (i.e Ji Xiang San Bao) on radio at least twice, which is abt some kid & parents singing together. cute song lah. then she was bugging me to go dl n burn into the a disc for her so that she can bring it to her office n listen for leisure. piang. yeah. sure suey for me.

Tried to pull it off by saying using a disc for 1 song is not worth it, hoping can 敷衍 her lah. but she darn smart, she suggested she'll listen to a few more songs playing on the Winamp player i always leave playing on the comp while playin' her games (yeah, she does play games like spider solitaire, solitaire and blackjack etc). Great idea. She'll listen to the songs randomly shuffling while enjoying her games. deprive me of my comp usage, while claiming she is preventing this 'distraction' from hindering my doing work & studying. Really 2 birds with 1 stone this time round.

After 4 hours, she finally got a list of 13 or odd songs. Yeah, she can play that long in 1 stretch in front of that glaring LCD screen.

Thought it was interesting to share it here. Her choices kinda surprised me, 'cos there were about a hundred songs of different genres in there but then....yeah. quite funny too.

Ji Xiang San Bao (natural top pick, maybe u all can go dl n listen wad's the fuss all about)

Candy Lo - Hao Xing Fen Shou (Canto version)

Richard Marx - I Will Be Right Here Waiting For You

Ah Du - Ta Yi Ding Hen Ai Ni

R Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly

Black Eyed Peas - Don't Phunk with my Heart (muahaha...surprise entry)

Lifehouse - You & Me

My Sassy Girl OST - I Believe

Rob Thomas - Lonely No More

Cyndi WangXinLing - Mu Ma Tu Cheng Ji

JJ Lin JunJie - Dou Jiang You Tiao

Vivian - Hen Hen Ai

And finally,

Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl

ROFLMAO. wahahaha. I was totally shocked. Replayed the song & ask her again "Are you sure..."

Well, I must say sometimes we think too little of our parents. Ain't exactly fuddy-duddy you can say. At least my dad knows who's 5566, Jolin Tsai, Mariah Carey, Jay Chou etc. The list goes on.

Maybe my fault lah. My playlist doesn't consists of the King Elvis Presley or Beatles nor Carpenters. So not really an accurate portrayal of her real music taste. But hey, at least she thinks something of these songs right? Think of it as AmericanTop 40, or the Billboard. They're up on the list man.

It certainly isn't just Fei Yuqing or the trashy Gao Ling Feng's Dong Tian Li De Yi Ba Huo.
But of course lah, they may still baulk at heavy metal etc. 'noisy music' such as Linkin Park. Cannot be blamed. That time media ain't exactly the same as today. Guns'N' Roses, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones weren't exactly very prominent in Singapore back then. So, being exposed more to Mandarin songs frm HK/Taiwan, their taste for music expectedly tend towards the likes of OuYangFeiFei, Liu Wen Zheng (bet some wouldn't even know him).

Okie. And this isn't Waste of Bandwidth (WOB) you blardy Jinhan. I like long entries leh. So what? Kinda helps to destress mah.

And oh yah. the season kicks off tmr in the traditional curtain-raiser Community Shield. Hope Chelsea wins it. 'Cos for the past 20 seasons, only Liverpool and Man U (on 2 occasions) have gone on to lift the EPL trophy (or First Div back then) after winning the C.Shield. Muahaha. Hope they win.

Excitin' season ahead. Bound to be major distraction on weekends from now on. This being the World Cup-year also makes it more intriguing. Sian, imagine next year no Germany 2006 for us. this is where serving NS sux. Unless, of course, you heng heng tio Clerk or some 9-5 vocation. Lidat really ho sei liao. lol.....

Kk. To end off, I predict Liverpool will finish at least in the Top 3 this coming season, maybe displacing ManU or Arsenal. Lagi best is above Chelsea. Let's see then, and this shall be proof of my prophecy next May. That is, if this blog still exists.


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