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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Watch local TV shows = Sek Si Yum Liu*

Hey lim swee, do you live to see this post? So is it time we call you commando lim, diver lim or pilot lim (forget it!)? lol.

Anyway.. Schoolwork, SBS bus drivers.. now it's time to condemn Singapore's tv productions. Who in the world seriously think that as a whole, local shows are good? Except those producers, script-writers themselves of course. Lousy, shallow and boring plots have alway been a trademark of local dramas. Creativity is an absolute zero, or 0.5/10 some may argue. The local media only knows how to copy popular overseas shows and try to adapt it to the local context, often with disastrous results.

One good example is Tong Xin Yuan showing on channel 8 now, which is an obvious rip-off of A Kindred Spirit. They simply copy and paste everything, from only filming in the living room/work place(fishball stall vis-a-vis eatery)/dining room to giving the characters some Towner Gardens names (e.g. Ruan Mian Mian) to ensuring that the show drags on for over 100 episodes. What the hell, they even went as far as to get one of the actress to come over and act too.

To give them some credit, the producers did insert some sort of twist to the plot, which was to introduce physically/intellectually impaired (i.e. retard) characters like Dayang, his mum who suffered a stroke and Baobei (who acts like one). This sure helps to stimulate interest and publicity for the show. Everyone would soon be saying: Wow, let's guess who's gonna get retarded next? Dayang's father? Or that chinese-speaking Indian kid whose facial expression is always the same (just like most of the other characters).

As if lousy shows aren't enough, the amount of advertisements between the shows is enough to make any decent viewers puke blood. I think that for every 15 mins of show viewers watch, 5 mins go to advertisements. So in effect , you're only watching 40 mins of show for every hour you spend in front of your tv set.

So isn't it time you subscribe to Star-Hub cable tv? Free yourself from the mind-numbing local tv productions! Do not hesistate anymore! Pick up your phone and make a call to your friendly local operator at 9822 3570 now.


*Eat shit drink pee in cantonese


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