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Monday, August 08, 2005

Get a life.


Enough of the mugging and exams shit, shall talk about something less serious today.

Overall, today was a pretty pleasant day. After passing some notes, went to parkway's suki to celebrate Ronald's birthday along with SK, Hock, Ron, Syl, Ivy, FQ, Lita. SK and I went there early. While waiting, we got approached by some rude little bimbotic girl trying to earn commission in the name of charity. "Wah, haven't say finish already say no. So rude." SK should really have 'bestowed' a tight slap across her face man, put her into place. Best part was later when we suckered Hock into walking around the place, saying got "chio bu" will approach him. Hahaha. In the end, he was duped into buying a $5 handphone pouch. lol.

Lunch cum high tea cum dinner at Suki was good, as usual. I was in the same table as Hock, SK and FQ. Discovered a few dishes which are rather good. 'Somen', thin white noodles in 'cold soba''s sauce. You should try it if you enjoy 'cold tofu'. Then there is also the Miso Soup, which is very appetising. I recommend having it at the start of the buffet, to boost your appetite.

After that, met my TJ friends on the street and went to play DOTA. (Muggers who don't know what's DOTA can skip this paragraph) Won 3/4 rounds. Got utterly thrashed in the 2nd round. Our kill ratio was like <10 to 30+. Haha. But we thrashed the opponents in the other 3 rounds. Found out Centaur and Morphling combo is the best in 5.84. The last round was the most entertaining. Didn't expect to win them cos they look pro. In the end, kill ratio was 10 to 30+. Their team consisted of SA, Bone, CM, Medusa, Vengeful Spirit. Vesus Morphling, Centaur, Zeus, Nerubian and Treant. The Treant neutralised their element of surprise and gave it to us. Their fate was sealed in the 30th minute. At game end, 4 out of 5 of their heroes could only afford boots. Haha. This must be my best game ever.

The only downside of the day was that i kena flu. (Maybe b'cos of the 'cold' jokes traded at our table?) But the slight discomfort it posed was insufficient to affect my mood for the day. If only every day is so good.

That's all. Hope you enjoy my babbling and wasting your mugging time. Now back to reality, it's time you go back to mugging eh?

Haha. Bye.



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