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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

in sync with present trend......

edited: don't say i not friend lah. i help you put the picture smaller abit, less conspicuous. Save space too. If you really not comfortable with it, feel free to remove it lor.

Now is horror month mah, with movies like Maid all that....

JinHan shared with me a slow car vid he got from Damien, thought why no reciprocate his kind intentions? esp. since i'm in a good mood too....muahaha

to get the scare of your life, do scroll down.

Here it is! 'Hunk pic! Nothing but the truth in his own words.

(pic removed liao)

*Cue laughter*

Retribution. Try to trick me so many times. This is what you get. Song Boh!
That day, this faggot wanted to send me this 'shuai ge' pic from his Friendster.

Of course not without those artworks lah.
Took me less than 5 mins to own him totally.

Ay, at least I not bad leh. Taking into account you're a fan of Manchester United, I help you add the Red Devil horns leh. Swee boh. damn proud of my masterpiece.

Once again, OWNAGE!!!!!


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