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Friday, August 19, 2005

Month of Horror....

Wooo.....Waah... thought the previous post too long liao, dun cramp everything together.. what's more different topic.. if you didn't understand the previous post one single bit, too bad.

This is one all of us should be able to relate to.

Chanced upon some interesting and rather spooky sites on the Net, good for both destressing & relaxation after mugging and also making yourself all tensed up too.

Make sure you're alone, it's dark at night now and your speakers/headphones on at full blast for the optimal experience...

Guarantee not some lame stuff like face popup then scream..not some crap like car moving clip all that.

Not for the faint-hearted, but not that scary either. But the spooky music sure stimulates a damn realistic atmosphere though...

Thai House of Horror (click here and there to explore..)
Ju-On (promotional site for the movie, suspense i should say)

And finally, a weird and rather bizarre vid clip... rest assured it's nothing like the previous 2..

Tap Dancer

Have fun~


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