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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

sian diao

tmr going to waste 5 hrs at Pasir Ris camp.

god damn it man, thinking of it.

but nvm lah, just take it as excursion.

Roland, happy dunking urself eh.

sian diao now. let me share this link with you all, considering our class like quite alot of Project Superstar fans like Jinhan, Benlim etc....

Superstar C'est Sibon Video

well. looking at the video, i think some scenes the visually handicapped (so nice eh this word, as compared to blind, as if it makes any differenceP) Weilian macham being played like a fool.

I know that's not the case lah. But I think he has run his course liao lah, all those fans please stop giving him sympathy votes. I know maybe he really quite impressive in the vocals department, but the thing is, is our present society really able to accept such a 'Superstar' now?

The Channel U show has also made itself very clear. It's not a talent show, contrary to what most people perceive it to be. The best singers can never triumph over those who can build a strong rapport with their fans. 观众缘 lah. Remember Sylvester *wink-wink* and finger pointing? Not _|_ lah of course. -.-

It's enuff lah, please don't prolong his torture lah. Bring him into the last few rounds to fill him with glimmer of hope then make him suffer heartbreak. Zek ark eh really. I think also hafta do with Channel U's shrewd production crew. Trying to make use of the blind contestant (use 'blind' also not say very rude mah) to attract controversy, milk him of all the publicity and advertising's worth. 贱.

btw, i think for guys, Derrick will win. Maybe it's really all rigged as they say, he kenna eliminated then is revived in the Wildcard round, then finally emerge as Champion. Typical fairy tale ending for the media blitz to write about.

Females... sadly, Kelly? acty the best-looking of the lot is Silver and Xin Hui (forget her English name if she has any), so maybe there'll be surprises for all you know.


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