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Friday, August 12, 2005

Purely football stuff.

Well, you've been warned eh. This entry is much of rambling on the pending new English Premier League season kicking off this Saturday. Traditional early curtain-raiser pits soon-to-be-out-of-ChampionsLeague (damn right, 'champions' who lose to Thai U23. well done) Everton against the declining Red Devils at 7.40pm local time, which is like 12.40pm over there in Britain? Wonder how they play in the afternoon sun. Yeah, maybe not much of scorching sun over there in a temperate country but wth, it's lunchhour leh? the players are supposed to eat b4 the match? or rather after? weird timing i say. but who cares right. What's more we over here in Asia get to enjoy the early kickoff. Good for us.

Btw, JH say he going to take Man U and give me 3 goal handicap. That means, Man U must score 4 or more for him to win his bet. Lol, said in jest but then, really can't see Man U pulling off such a convincing victory.

Nvm. Today got lengthy supplement in ST for English soccer. Don't quite like the fact that they recognise Chelsea as de facto champions once again come next May when the ball has not even yet being kicked. Yeah, highly probable that they win lah, not that I won't admit. Sheer rubbish. This coming season really an interesting one eh? 4 horse race? Think so.

BUT, the joke in the paper is that the soccer correspondent predicted Spurs (tottenham or san antonio u all go settle urself..) to finish 5th. Okay lah, not an overstatement, considering Tottenham has really strengthened the squad with lotsa players, notably midfielders. Siao one. Buy so many man to crowd the field or what? play rugby is it? need 15 players? Edgar Davids should be a good signing. Wish them luck really. Perennial underachievers, maybe Tottenham can qualify for Europe this time round via the proper way, not Intertoto backdoor.

I know I know. You all surely say I still dreaming lalala all that.. But seriously, Liverpool DOES pose a credible title challenge this season. Okay lah, I also not that unrealistic and demanding. A step at a time, won't expect them to win the domestic title immediately after last season's European success. After all, we've waited for 15 years since the last EPL triumph and Chelsea only had theirs after a 50-year long wait. What's another year? Thinking of it, every now and then, I still do replay those vids and see those pics of the magical night in Istanbul. Yeah, I downloaded all of them, from Dudek's jellyfish wobbling legs to Gerrard's first goal. All in my hard disk. Over 700mb, this comp better not die on me. Mourinho being 'The Special One'? I think Rafa is the real McCoy man. Who else wins the Champions Cup in his first season in charge. Brillant.

Okay lah, talk serious abit.

Gerrard & Alonso in the middle of the park looks promising. Then Kewell, Luis Garcia, Riise take turns to run the flanks. Still need a right winger though.

Up front, Cisse, Crouch, Morientes and Baros. One of the strongest if not strongest up front. Talking about strikers only lah, not best attack (Arsenal). Chelsea & ManU pales in this aspect leh somemore. Maybe if Owen goes to Old Trafford then different story.

Then Reina also excellent shot-stopper. Saved 7 pk out of 9 for Villareal last season. Impressive stuff. Certainly has progressed much from those days when he warm the bench for Barcelona. Somemore he also damn young, in early 20s nia.

Anticipating a great season ahead. Bound to be a distraction.


Let me end off this post with some interesting pictures found off the Net.

Okay, back to reality.


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