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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Shop shop

Haven't went shopping for a long time, so i decided to join my family on their daily trip to Compass Point today. Figured out i could use a few Redspot TYS anyway. (I'm sure lah)

Looks like i've totally no clue on what's happening in the commercial world during this period. Only today then i realised that Hang Ten has opened another chain of more high-class store under the brand Hang Ten & Co. Wah, so creative eh. But must give them should credit for recognising the fact that the original Hang Ten brand has become synonymous with cheap. I was joking with my sis that you can go in and buy a handful of clothes for 10 bucks. But though its clothes are low-priced, i would say they still have a certain standard. Designs are not bad overall, suitable for lots of event. In fact, i find it more sensible to shop at clothing stores lower down the pricing spectrum than go for those established brands like Levi. 100 bucks for a pair of jeans?! What, bulletproof material? I'd rather go eat buffet or buy a silk blanket with that money man. Maybe i'll rethink my opinion if i've more spare cash.

Speaking of shopping, so is the year-end trip to Hong Kong confirmed anot? The preparations seemed to have stalled for quite some time eh. Perhaps we should meet some time to sort out the remaining details. Must go overseas 1 more time before going Tekong leh.

And what about the grad night thing? Withdraw? Incompetent SC sure gives a lot of bullshit (fertiliser) about the price, always using delay tactics. But ultimately, it's better to forfeit 30 bucks than 60 bucks right? Better still if we can get a refund, but i seriously doubt it. Let's just use a fraction of that money and go eat Shangri-la buffet la or somewhere else. Better quality, lower price. Hmm.. but this is just my suggestion. Final choice still up to you all.

That'a bout it. K, see ya in school on monday!

Cheeeee BYE!



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