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Friday, June 16, 2006

friday - doomsdaY?

Alright. the day of reckoning is here.

When the judgement will be passed on how the recruit fared in the tekong phase of his valiant army life.

lol. cock. i wrote that b'cos this is an impt day for all NSFs.

reminds me of the 'que sara..que sara..whatever will be, will be' song.

Yeah..yeah.. i heng.. 'think is technical work? small arms stuff.. dunno also. but is bloody far at ayer rajah camp. or shld i say sibei far.

but lidat also gd. at least i nv kena SIR Rifleman like my bunkmate..hahaz..really hong gan, suck thumb.

to think that he asked another of our fellow mate to help him check 'cos his internet access was down..then was saying he sure tio rifleman... then in the end, our wish came true siah! lol.. really damn farnie..

gt service medic, RP, ocs, sispec, combat eng, signals.. alot lah.. apparently, signals or rather infocomm 2 in particular alot of openings to fill...

weixian go sispec must be more guut lat liao ok? lol.. to mark this special yet solemn occasion..
let's have a few laughs..

firstly with a joke.. then a mind-boggling video..


An American, an Italian, a Singaporean and a Bangladeshi were travelling
around on a private helicopter.

After an hour of travelling, the American took out his cigarette, lighted it
and started smoking. After two sips, he threw the cigarette out. The other
three men were surprised and asked him " Why didn't you finish up the
The American replied arrogantly " there's lots of cigarette in my country."

On seeing this, the Italian took out a bottle of branded perfume, applied a
few sprays on himself and threw the rest out. The other three were
surprised and asked him "Why did you throw away the perfume ?" The
Italian replied "there's lots of perfume in my country."

It came to the Bangladeshi's turn to show off. He took out some ivories
and threw them all out and said to the rest "well guys, there's alot of
ivories in my country.", shaking his head proudly.

Now the rest of them were looking at the Singaporean, expecting him to
show off something. The Singaporean thought for a while, then suddenly he
threw the Bangladeshi out.


and now the real joke:

it's a series.. and apparently, u go youtube alot videos on them..

"it's so lame that it hurts" yeah. exact sentiments.


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