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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

cb..all dun post. blog dying liao. nvm nvm, World Cup to the rescue.

wah.. cb weixian. bloc leave u post abit lah. dying liao leh.
i trying v hard to wayang x jialat jialat to post lotsa stuff here, u over there diam diam be voyeur.. read nia nv contribute right? hahaz.. post random shit lah.

you can talk about how good the imperious Reds are, or how hat-trick hero Crouch is going to be the saviour for England for that matter. ok, the last one was a joke. too bad, he's pledged to stop his robo dance.

it's gonna be Gerrard instead. rooney all step aside. this is the time for Stevie G to shine on the biggest stage of footie. even Rafa looks so cute. muahaha....

anyway.. World cup mania has descended upon the mortal world once again.. i dread the day i'll return to camp, i'll miss the daily dosage of football action like an addict needs his morphine.

really lan lan lor. but so far, i'm glad my bet on the Azzuris to win the WC is going well.. lol.. so far the impressive teams have to be Argentina, Czech, Italy and perhaps Germany.

the host nation may have played the most exciting, high-scoring game of the tournament so far. but hey, it was against the Los Ticos for crying out loud. ain't exactly world class material.

It remains to be seen how the Germans fare in the knockout stages... where the big boys play.

this quadrennial event is affecting everyone's lives.. it's the biggest event in the sporting world acty.. dwarfing the big O (olympics lah) in viewership, global interest whatsoever.

Everyone's raving about how robben and the chelsea contingent are lighting up the stadiums right now.. but i'd say, fark them lah. wait till Liverpool's Spanish armada come along. Till then, Mourinho shall wipe off that smirk off his cocky face.

For those who haven't seen Rosicky before. his scintillating, virtuoso performance was straight from the top drawer, perhaps helped by the fact that the teamgeist ball packs a much more menacing punch and wicked swerve with its lighter frame. when Arsenal got him for a mere 7million pounds, u knew it was a steal straight away, considering he's only 23 or 24?

so far so good. the World Cup is fun, it has to be. but then, teams are playing rather conservatively.. choosing to shut the doors once the lead is obtained.. ala Greek style. even the artisans from the land of samba also won 1-0 nia.. croatia is a decent side.. but then, the result wasn't convincing enuff for a team chasing its 6th triumph and 4th consecutive appearance in the finals.. (won twice in 3 outings, so damn gd)

I dare say, the selecao won't win it. definitely. even their legendary players like Tostao do not fancy them repeating their feat in Yokohama 4 years back.

Football today isn't just a game of 22 men chasing the ball around. and no, it's not much more important than a matter of life and death as Bill Shankly would have liked us to believe.

it's a sport filled by political agendas, entrenched with commercial interests and plagued by problems of corruption and bribery. anti-competitive practices are evident across all levels..but it's a case of everyone knows it, but no one says it. for the one who does so will land himself into hot soup that's all. the fiasco of '98 was a true example.. but then, the purists would have liked everyone to think Zidane's sheer genius warranted a 3-0 thrashing of the samba masters.

With that, Brazil will not win. the Italians, Dutch and Argentines will fare as well if not even better.

with that, let's end this post with some interesting and nice pics to ponder over...

-boy glances at Campbell, who peers at girl under his nose.
the man of the pic - giant Crouch.

-the heart-rendering joy of a bereaved man. true professionals take pain&anguish like a man - Oswaldo Sanchez

-another broken tibula, another missed tournament. Cisse ain't a lucky chap.
Now, we can't sell him. dawg.

-last but not least, possibly the last team standing as Asia's pride.
Chun-Soo with the taylor hicks' grey hairdo converts the freekick for the equalizer.
He can't sing as well as Hicks, nor act as well as George Clooney, but boy, he can score. hahaha...


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