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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Your crap intake of the day

KP simi? lol.

What day is it tomorrow? It's friday! It's D-Day! It's results day! Or rather posting day la. It's the day when our fate for the rest of our NSF life will be decided. Though not necessary sealed 'cos you can always consult a specialist (if you get what i mean). Haha.

Anyway, enough bout friday, let's talk about today, thursday. Hmm... Oh, congrats to Belinda Foo Hui Fen for her job resignation! She'll now be joining the ranks of the unemployed along with the likes of Sylvia Koh Ying Ying (who's currently considering a job offer in the gambling industry)! Hurray~ lol.

On a more serious note, i just got wind that one of my older cousin lost consicous yesterday and is now in a coma. Apparently a blood vessel inside his head burst. But luckily he's now in stable condition. This brings back to mind my late aunt, who passed away when i was an infant b'cos of internal bleeding caused also by the rupturing of a blood vessel inside her head. But for her case it's b'cos the blood vessel didn't develop bigger as she grew so eventually the stress became unbearable, whereas for my cousin's case, it's more a high blood pressure.

Mmm... I suddenly feel this mild headache at the back of head now. Down pes anyone? Hahaha. Touch wood.



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