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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Jackass of the Month (June 06)

you know.. there're some people out there who are amazingly, brilliantly, extraordinary-ly retarded. Seriously. Beyond your wildest imagination. So this monthly 'award' is but a timely gesture to give these people their long overdue attention and 'fame'.

Before i begin, does anyone of you know that there's a NS vocation called Dental Assistant???

And the June 06 Jackass of the Month Award goes to this anonymous gentleman who posted these questions on a forum that would even confound Einstein himself!

And the forum thread is as following:

Hi guys,
I got posted to
1. You are posted to MED TRG INSTITUTE.
2. Your vocation is DENTAL ASST.

1) DO i need to stay in?
2) Do i really need to bring all my SBO, Helmet etc??

Brillant! Absolutely thought-provoking (Hmm.. What's your IQ?)! Questions of the millennium! Don't you all agree?


NOTE: If you're the author of the above-mentioned forum thread, pls kindly report to IMH ward 524 to collect your prize. You'll find a stack of 5 cents coins on the floor. You are expected to stay in.


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