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Sunday, June 25, 2006

mixed blessing..

Ah.. now in oeti learning all the tech skills.. course at Ayer Rajah 2 months..then post to Nee Soon camp or other place for another 2 months for On-Job Experience (OJE) then off to posting liao.

gd part abt this vocation is can get promoted to corporal after the course ends.. after nov.. then 3rd sergeant later on.. it's more abt the allowance rather than the rank. and get to play with all types of small arms.. really is everything... i saw the steyr 'scout', gpmg, sar21, m16, cis 50, wad 84mm and 125mm all the shit also got in the workshop.. with tanks, arti vehicles and amphibious personnel vehicles all the in common area... v different from bmt indeed.

Will have the opportunity for overseas posting.. but little vacancies for NSFs.. starlight 1.4k, crescendo 1k, lancer 1.2k.. not inc. nsf allowance.. but min. 6months.. most ppl usually do more than 1 years all the way to their ORD dates.. gd thing abt overseas posting is can get to see more things.. and lotsa leaves and offs to take..

bad thing.. lotsa studying to do. every module on every weapon consists on theory and practicals.. unable to pass then remedial training on weekends till can make it.. and got wad e-learning system. log in every day clock hours one. nowadays saf too high tech also bad for us ns men siah..

and likelihood of accidents are high.. lotsa safety guidelines in place.. deaths or serious injuries are not uncommon considering the turret and heavy arms ppl deal with high explosive stuff.. and the workshop environment isn't that conducive.. ppl with sensitive noses tend to get ooc-ed. and the stench of oil can get overbearing with poor ventilation.. and wearing that one-piece coverall kinda sux, esp for guys.. if u get what i mean.

ok. of cos, most of us there are sleep deprived.. almost all of them there at least bet or watch football, or both.. lol. lotsa ppl on same frequency v gd siah.. now do i understand units have ppl from all sorts of background then do i understand.. ppl losing 10k+ in debts.. ppl driving to camp everyday in mini cooper and mitusbishi lancer.. can tompang us sometimes.. nubbad.

finally, there's more incriminating evidence against drogba that turt in this world cup...

He sucks.


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