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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Shit don't come alone

Viper, now Charlie.. Ya, who said God's fair huh? Haa..

Words can't describe what's the situation like. During BMT, booking out was accompanied with a sense of liberation and joy, albeit a short-lived one. Now, booking out is sort of stressful and.. painful? B'cos the bookout timing is saturday evening (the latest, and it gonna stay this way for the next 4 weeks) and we gonna rush to prepare the stuff needed. Plus Charlie coy reputedly has no nights out, practically no canteen breaks and (almost?) always the latest bookout timing. Zzzz. No surprise at times our conversations inside the bunk centred on how to OOC.

8 weeks more, how sia? $450 simply cannot justify this way of life. The commanders' dialogue is unconvincing and they were just beating around the bush, never ATQ (Answer the qn). A part of me really hope i get OOC after doing SOC. Some wrist injury or something huh? Don't need too serious ones.

Ah. COS duty tmr, reporting time 0720... This is what they say: Shit don't come alone.



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