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Sunday, June 18, 2006

new phase, new life ?¿?

This deserves a special thanks to my bunkmate Timothy Han.. for the dinner at Palm Beach. ahahaz..sometimes it certainly helps to haf a bloody rich fren whose father happen to own the franchise to be able to afford to give the entire section&sergeant a sumptuous seafood dinner treat...

And a certain incident convinced me that the organisation we're bound to for 2 years is acty quite a shady and corrupted system.. not far from the Malaysian police imo, if you catch the drift. cannot comment more over here.. but such black sheeps among the commanders are really.. disheartening to say the least.

i wish my fren who kena 'sabo-ed' in a way all the best in sispec.. really take care liao my fren, Jared.

I was going thru the previous entry. and i tot the pic-filled post appeared quite decent on this template ar.. nubbad at all.

Teamgeist+10 official match ball.. if you've got 200bucks to spare..

btw... about the ongoing World Cup.. well well.. England sux. period.

Czech got stunned last night. Pretty discouraging but without their first choice striking duo up front, it was always going to be an uphill task to expect their midfield quartet to deliver all the goods. Nedved & Rosicky can only do so much.

Italy kinda kelonged again. lol.. 10 v 9 also cannot take adv of the numerical superiority.. for an entire half somemore.. Ain't championship material this way..

Javier Saviola - another reject of Barcelona... but together with Riquelme, who cares abt it now? it seems the entire supply of South American talent stems from the Catalan giants..

Argentina's 6-0 drubbing is kinda overrated if you ask me.. no doubt, they're good. The Serbo-Montenegrins were missing their usual defensive pairing with Vidic out.. but then, the supposedly best defence in qualifying (only conceded 1 in 13 matches) to leak in 6? that's helluva lot. But then, the SGPools unkers all decide to play it with the wind... now the South Americans' winning the title come July 9 has dropped to a pathetic $5.. nearly almost halved its original value.. we shall see man.

Ok, i think the females haf lotsa reasons to stay up.. this World Cup has more suave and delectable men chasing the ball around..

Like the current It guy of Brazilian football.. Kaka

He plays well, models for Armani, gets mobbed by female fans, filthy rich. And has a pretty, young wife to boot. who said God is fair?

And who can forget the easily most recognisable face of football... Becks

And also the new Man U no. 7 - Cristiano Ronaldo.

But I'll say, the hottest strikeforce has to be that of the Spanish amigos.

You have Fernando Torres.

And the new flavour of the town, David Villa - the new prince who has displaced the original king with smouldering looks, Raul Gonzalez.

But if you ask me, i think Alessandro Del Piero personifies something even more - coolness, calm, and exudes a certain charisma and peacefulness from within.. Even his name is so unique that the Infernal Affairs character depicted by Chapman To also went with this screen name. Kinda farnie..

Alessandro Del Piero with a new clean shaven head, already a living legend

And to be fair.. the females get to ogle the guys.. the males also get to do likewise.

A Brazilian babe.. and there are many more scantily clad ones among the stands. damn hot and gorgeous lah.

Every 2 years when we approach the World Cup or European Championship, there'll be bound to have more football-related ads being broadcasted.. to jump onto the sport bandwagon.. this time round, kinda surprising not to see more of Nike's Joga Bonito on tv.. altho' there are already tons of videos with Cantona in them... But Nike's marketing campaign on Brazil is really a wise move.. and the retro-inspired jersey kits for the Brazil, Netherlands teams are selling like hotcakes.

There's the all-Liverpool feature by Carlsberg.. with Reina, Gerrard, Cisse etc..
and Pringles one.. with Roberto Carlos, Gerrard again...

And the most exciting ad so far - the Jose+10 thingy by adidas.

Most would have seen the usual ad of two boys playing on the sandy ground (always sandy one.. like the previous ad during Euro 2004)

But most would have missed the longer length and its sequel.. nice.


Beckenbauer? wahahaha...


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