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Saturday, May 20, 2006


It was long. But a short wait.

the week and Medical Centre visit i meant respectively.

it started off brightly, with the FA Cup ours once more.

tough to slack all in one week. my first and only visit to PTMC and everything changed.

I like this quote particularly well...

"A defiant chorus of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' began to ring around the stadium as four minutes of stoppage time were announced.

As at half time in Istanbul the classic from Carousel was not being sung in anticipation of victory, it was a symbol of the fans devotion to their team in the face of what appeared to be impending defeat.

They should have known better....."

'Steven Gerrard.'

one name said it all.

training was getting tougher...schedule packed and stuff.. then Friday was the turning point.

at least completed my 16km road march on Thursday with my platoon mates.. it was fun.. we were fast. chiong under 3hrs & returned at 7 even before nightfall like how v and ulysses did... end up all blisters and abrasions, now all walking ba long long.

we kinda like road marches. sing, clap, make some real noise all the way. too bad no more 24 for me..

sent arms for hopefully, not the last time as POP on 060606 beckons. we would want to join in, both jy and me.

yea, u should have guessed it by now.

I'm not gonna be posted to a combat vocation... PES C life awaits.

byebye to MP interview. it was a decent vocation. i mean, at least it was something i looked forward to.

and i, as much as i was reluctant to, wasted the slot.

Mixed feelings. Guess many would envy the life i lead now. But kid me not, it's getting boring after just my first day in office. Filled with regrets, but if really tahan the knee pain until unit.. dunno what will happen also.. but, why can't the MO ask whether i want to downgrade anot? instead of just make me sign the forms... lucky oc say can write memo to them... put on hold..if not later kena recourse i really sian 1/2.

I kinda miss the chiong sua days... it's sad to downgrade, listening to Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" kinda made it worst.

No one will understand.


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