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Saturday, May 13, 2006


Jiao bin ar jiao bin.. zai na ni..

lol. Sian 1/2. Hmm.. Let's see.. Relatively long weekend to enjoy this week. Relatively.

Just saw the nus' letter yesterday. Got admitted into nus' engineering. My 1st choice was bioengineering. Oh well.. But i'll have another shot at majoring in bioeng at the end of the 1st year, provided that my results are good. So i guess i'll probably take up their offer. Say, i haven't heard from you guys about your uni applications outcome. So what course are you all taking up ar?

And i just found out my hotmail account has been de-activated, cos i never log in for at least 30 days. Hmm.. time sure flies. lol.

And... I left my handphone in tekong. So pls contact me via other channels if there's a need to. Thank you.

Anddd... back to army stuff. Guess what.. i tio platoon I/C since tues. Then on that day, the commanders found an empty cigarette box on our level. The culprit didn't own up and the platoon kena.. (But apparently the commanders alr knew who he was and they later confined him)"Platoon integrity". But i'd say there's a limit to everything. It's the 2nd time that smoker committed that offence. He's just that kind of self-centred guy who don't give a hoot about others. If it was up to me, i'd charge him and make him learn the painful way.

And finally, back to WoW.

Good day to you.



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