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Monday, May 01, 2006

lol..field camp blues. wx's previous post suggested. the 7days of fun, torture and wetness has finally ended..

the 2 weeks was kinda long.. started with range..then go outfield.. man man.. the gd location of the rubber plantation kinda pulled the wool over our eyes.. into thinking that we're gonna be safe and dry.

hell wrong man.

the drainage there was v v well dug, courtesy of the hard work put in by previous batches.. really can sleep thru'out the rain.. got once 4 hours of heavy downpour also never dampened our high spirits (2nd or 3rd day nia..thus high).

Other than the strong gusts of wind causing a few dead falls right before our eyes, which one even narrowly missed the commanders' tent..damn. it was pretty safe there.. saw lotsa wild boar shit but none of the real creatures in action.

technical break at the oil palm plantation? Horrendous.

it rained like fark.

and it hardly helped that we had to dig our trenches for drainage from scratch..and the pathetic amount of time given was simply, pathetic.

the rain came.

it poured. and poured.

no matter how high ur mud walls or 'dams' if u like, no matter how deep is ur drain, the cold, icy 'teh bing' will show no mercy... when my section mates' basha in front of mine became the first victim... i knew mine would have been the next.

the embankment couldn't hold the water and the rainwater seeped right under our groundsheets beneath us.. and, it overflowed like the merlion fountain for there was a hole in my buddy's groundsheet right in the middle. stupid underwear wet wet song. bloody hell.

we just stood out there with our gortex on, e.t tool in hand, helpless.

justin said now he understood how tsunami victims felt. lol..exaggeration it was, but how true it proved to be.

it freaking hell rained every single day, except for one day at the rubber place.. and the rain is, like, waddfug kind. not the slight drizzle.

but alright, wad's a field camp w/o rain.. our file formation movement+ FCO stuff on the way to the reclaimed land campsite was a memorable one indeed.. being the last platoon.. we waited till late afternoon then the oh-so-familiar rain came again... boots wet, rifle rusty nvm. hahaz..but the farnie part was Choi, my Korean platoon mate..go prone in one 'small' puddle of teh bing.. that turned out to be at my thigh level.. then we kena leopard crawl in the muddy rain.. and the funny thing was, Choi machiam go into swimming pool.. he prone there... the SGT could only saw his head and rifle..the other parts all submerged in the murky water.. lol.. kinda funny i must say.

and the creepy crawlies there were huge.. we encountered a red+green centipede the length from ur wrist to the tip of the middle finger while doing the FCO proning thingy.. until our PS got us to get up..and spiders the size of ur palm on ur SBO, and big fat earthworms the size and thickness of ur pinky finger on Pravin's groin. wahahaha...

it was fun. but tiring..

and recent news... got top jc boy commit suicide cos of genital size issue... i no comments..and the hot topic in town.. the GE.

my constituency happened to be a hot zone.. Aljunied contested by the "Lightning" and "Hammer" (these are their names in Hokkien... from what i learnt from conversing with my grandma...)

You can see the PAP is bent on crushing the opposition, go mobilize all the juggernauts to storm the front, and further tilt the already unlevel playing field. but i must say Workers' Party is kinda decent...whereas i can't say the same for the others.. especially the SDP. everytime chu alot pattern. if they this time can even snag one single seat then we Singaporeans are really doomed man. not the Chee's 2billion dollars qns then is now the NKF defamation suit..

u can feel the tension in the air.. everyday u can hear those lorries and loudhailers blaring their slogans and pleas for ur sacred vote during my bookout..

altho' we aren't of legal age to vote as of yet, but it certainly makes of interesting stuff to watch how the entire thing unfold.. 2001 WP was disqualified due to inconsistencies in their application one minority race cert also cannot gao tim.. hai.

i also dunno wad to say.

but this election is going to be v impt. no by-election strategy, first for the PM, and really does define the future of our opposition.

but also knn. polling day night i must bookin liao..Sitest frm sunday to tues..bloody hell.


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