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Friday, May 05, 2006

election fever hots up

lol...We are the Champions? bloody hell, keep listening to the entire cluster sing this song as they come back from field camp or sitest in viper's case on their respective tonners... bloody hell.. weekend burn one day.. hope i dun kena wad medic or demo... be navigator take compass+map or claymore can liao.. take the stretcher fast march ain't fun with in ur fbo..

one last day to the big day. GE.

u know it's the TIME when friday night bookout go pasir ris mrt also can see Teo Chee Hean sitting on a wooden stool at the entrance of the subway station, with his lackeys..erm, team of capable individuals i mean, in toll. Apparently, i heard he hurt his foot or sth on an overseas leisure trip some time back?no disrespect or wadever to the incumbent defence minister...

my section mates were saying..let's go up and ask, is it possible to scrap NS? lol...imagine that. and we were drifting along the lines of...hmm, maybe hor, if the Opposition overthrows the ruling party...maybe our NS suffering will be cut short man? abolish NS? wah shiok. lol.. dreams they shall remain. talking cock keeps us in high spirits mah. like how our PS jokingly made us keblakang puseng on our way to the ferry terminal.. cos we were singing the..."today is our bookout day, bookout...bookout.. no more soc, no more ippt, no more sgt tekan me..... " then PS took over.. then he led us in singing "Today is our book in in" hahahz..we were laughing like mad.. but it was in jest lah.. only march less than 10m then turn back again...

yea... abt the GE. such events are only once every 6 years.. yeah, so do cherish see them act out the entire wayang..and go thru the motions.

Rockson's blog is quite a good read.. really provides the true insight to what the average joe or ah pek la-ing kopi at the friendly kopitiam if u want in our local context thinks.. PM Lee also quite farnie.. today on the way back on the fastcraft heard his apology of sorts..about using the words "fix" and to a lesser extent, the "buy". was hilarious i must say.

he also said something abt how his son went to the WP's rally with his friends in their uniform after school... and how they cheered after each opposition leader's speech. lol.. and when the dad questioned how about attending a Pap rally, his son said it was too boring..and too logical for his liking..hahaz.. kinda farnie in a way.

too bad this time we're still not 21 yet.. but it's really interesting to watch how the drama unfolds.. this will own all reality tv scripts man.. makes u ponder, is there really a credible dissenting voice in SG? or is the opposition all..merely moles planted there for enhanced effect? now all the giants in SG politics are running all over the island.. lending their voice to boost the contesting PAP candidate for fear that their member cmi... really fair huh? bring ur father, grandfather all come, we also dunno what to say.

after all, in PM's words, we've all been 'bought' over eh? no?

btw, i have to post this.

Liverpool 2-1 Chelsea

Chelsea ?-? Manchester United

tsk tsk.. u know, i know. the scoreline? it shall remain deep buried in ur hearts, shan't shatter the fragile hearts of the few man u fans.. at least when liverpool lost 4-1 early this season, it was bcos they start to chiong after going down..counterattack then tio caught on the fast break.. but hey, at least Gerrard equalized 1 iirc... but tsktsk..last weekend's much hyped title showdown clash was nothing more than one-way traffic.


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