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Sunday, May 28, 2006

POP lo


We're almost 6 mths into 2006.. Wow. Till now, i still can't cease to be astounded by how time flies. Anyway, shall let you have a glimpse on what's been happening to me for the past week or so.

On thurs, my coy had viper night.. which is essentially our own recruit's night. It started in whiskey's lecture room, where we were entertained with performances from each of the platoons. Needless to say, the performanes included mimicking of our commanders which were rather funny.. especially the part on our CSM (who was conspicuously absent).

Haha. Oh, there was this performance that took on Mr Bean, titled Recruit Bean. (Hmm, the title sounds very inspirational huh). But My God, that indian performer looks exactly like a darker replica of mr bean, and he made all the same spastic sounding noises and all the retarded antics. And the performance begun in the same way as the real Mr Bean show.. The lights were off, then suddenly there was this "thump" sound and a spot light was shone to reveal the actor laying face down on the stage.. to stimulate Mr Bean falling down and a beam of light shining on him. Haha. What a novelty. Although personally, i think a better title for the performance would be Coffee Bean (though some in the audience suggested Black Bean).. :)

After that, we had F&B at our training shack where the food were all catered by the muslim canteen store. They earned a small windfall that night man.. The food itself was already delicious, but i guess the setting makes it even more enjoyable. That meaning Ulyssus coy sending arms just 10 metres away. Haha.. Too bad! Following the night snack was a movie screening back in the lecture room, which was probably the worst part of the night. I wonder if any of you heard of/ seen the movie "Kung Pow"? If you haven't, don't!! That was arguably the lousiest movie i ever watched, with zero storyline and a sense of humour that appeals only to little kids or those with similar mentality. Heard there's a "Kung Pow 2" out there.. Hmm.. Looks like the kids' market is rather large eh.

2 days later we had our IPPT. mm.. which i failed. Hahaha. What's new huh? But it's not all bad, only SBJ couldn't make it. Got a pass for 2.4, which is a major achievement considering i haven't passed it since time immemorial. Haha. Then the rest all at least silver. I'm most happy with my chin-ups. 4 days before IPPT i only managed 5.. Then i decided to follow my friend's technique which emphasises a different grip and posture. Piang eh, now maybe can do 10. Hopefully i can master SBJ technique before the re-IPPT. However, all my commanders keep saying that it's hard to get into OCS with just an IPPT pass.. so dunno whether i shd retake the whole thing during the retest.

And that is just about all the major events in the past week.. Excluding my confinement.. Haha, where there's nothing much to talk about. Eat, sleep, go annex room play then book out. This coming tuesday is the drill squad competition lo. In my opinion, viper's squad is rather mediocre most of the time. But am praying that we'll be able to create history and squeeze into the top 3. Ya, viper has never ever gotten into the top 3. The previous batch got 2nd bottom?!?

So wish us all the best!



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