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Friday, May 12, 2006


ok... this blog abit dying.. need someone to help revive.. u all post more if possible lah... simi lan also can post. dun tell me u all at ocs/sispec/bmt or where also can share experiences mah.. or talk abt ur uni course decision-dilemma lor...

turned out that Aljunied didn't fall to the 'dark side' as feared.. lol.. do expect the electoral boundaries to get refixed all over man.. gerrymandering they call it. it was narrow and a Bridg.Gen almost lost his job. woot. to think that our beloved 'mandate-wanting' leader also sweat abit that his constituency not a walkover as expected over the kamikaze squad.

the Opposition is definitely gaining more credibility. or shld i say more specifically, the 'West Ham' team. lol.. Liverpool gonna face them later tomorrow in FA Cup final.. at least on Sat still can watch buey pai liao...

this may get abit sensitive. but i shall try to convey the idea in a most subtle manner, or call it insinuation if u must.

A certain dynasty spanning 2 generations (or maybe 3, but heard the young dragon now out of course in ocs le... but hell, u can confer him the next Brig.Gen also no one dares raise an eyebrow) has its roots firmly entrenched in a city state's politics and interestingly, decided within the party to send the previous predecessor to go tolong the candidates in opposition territory.. somehow the campaigning remarks got out of hand.. comments like who's too old for wad etc....and the poor chap's reputation was somewhat hit.

On the superficial level, to some ppl, it was perceived that Lao Goh was losing it. But if u do look in depth, it was more or less a planned move.

By the shrewd and clever duo no less, if u get what i mean. hope you do. for at least, this is more of wad politics is all about. it's a shady scene man.

lol.. i shared this with my mum and she was like, 'yeah hor'.

ok... jump to another smaller scale topic.. the Sitest.. my fren kenna bitten by centipede.. lol... damn suey. at night sleeping in his basha at 3am.. was awoken by the bugger on his face near the eye, pulled it off with his bit his face..and abit of his palm.. it stung and burnt like hell.. then his right eye teared until next morning when we wake up for fast march.. he go medic also give some panadol, painkillers-type to relieve abit pain nia.. which wasn't helpful at all. he said it felt really painful... certainly something u wouldn't want to try..luckily the 'numbness' didn't spread to other parts of the face and body..otherwise need go MO or even airlift u via Super Puma like 2 weeks ago one recruit lidat liao..

and platoon 4 gan pua suey..all either xiong like medic...or senang like signal. but nubbad lah..some other details our signal pl. mates got volunteer to help carry the stretcher pack for some stations... acty the sitest is nothing xiong.. those who fall out is bcos between stations double up until wan to die already.. if navigator lead wrong route then is really hong gan liao. plus the umpteen arti drills (some only got 2 for 2 days, freaking hell.. to a massive 15 for 2 days for some suey details) that entails u to prone..then faster come up with that bloody pack and chiong again.. lol.. leopard crawl another diff story liao.

ditto for grenade throw. i think we nearly create a record of sorts. whole coy only 1 blind. but abit suey that is from our platoon. we wrap up the entire thing by 2pm, instead of the scheduled 5pm. i was one of the lucky few to witness the c4 explosion though. nubbad.

now all major events over.. same for viper also.. more time for pt liao.. jialat.. also more boring. like thursday bookout day, it went like '60-120, with the 275m SR...then BCCT (more like knock-it-down session then AGR in late afternoon b4 booking out at 8pm... only consolation is our batch lotsa long weekends.. nubbad.

WC also coming.. but i guess the short bloc leave is all we have. no more no less. this sorta triggers certain thoughts in you... like how it goes in the route march song.

"Have you ever wondered...Why must we serve...?"

"B'cos we haf no choice... and we lan lan have to serve, have to serve... yeah!"


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