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Friday, March 17, 2006

Blogger's cocking up again

Mmm.. It's about time to return to a calm state after that section change incident. Life has been a package of shit and rewards.. and it will always be.

On a lighter note, the dec/jan batch has received their vocation today. Quite a number of s42 gotten into command schools eh. So far at least 2- ljh and fq, are gg for OCS, while rol to SISPEC. I'd expect more to come. Congrats to them all (assuming that's what you want)!!! May you all be the change that SAF desperately needs.

Butt.. Let's not forget that for every officer and sergeant, there's also another person.. if not more who becomes combat medic, combat engineer, guard, ranger, infantry etc (The sai kang/fatigue duty vocations) .. So let's see some of their reactions(MSN nicks) below. lol.

1) Military Police... HaHaHa... Yeah, but i hate the chiong part
2) medic? r u kidding me? pple r gonna die man..

And the big winner:

3) Combat Medic !! AHHHH

Hahaha... Laugh at others now, maybe i'll kena later? Hopefully not. lol. Back to tekong early tmr. So shall end it off with a quote from my company's CSM.

"Scared of me ah? Why you all scare of me? I'm also human. Just that i f**k more pple only, those who don't do their job."



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