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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tekong is here!


first, let me digress first. i think this started a few years ago... but only now did i recalled it..

abt printing ur sch name, tel. no on the lower back portion of ur uni...esp for sec sch and ites....
sure giveaway when u tuck out.. in black bold font and in a linear straight line fashion somemore.. so obvious. i think it's a very ingenious move. at least not as gay as when i pri sch.. always see bedok west pri beside my sch.. their pe kit. damn paiseh i tell u.

I *heart* BEDOK WEST

in a big font somemore. bth really. i cfm dun dare wear out man. but now..p sch all house tees somemore liao.. go one sch can see more than 5 colours outfit.. v colourful indeed. talk abt uniform to instil common identity all that. indeed. on week wear once for assembly day also song ar the uniform lidaT?

back to the sch name part... lidat the sch can count on the public to notify them shld they see their students misbehaving elsewhere... with the tel. no and all that... just last week.. i walk past nearby void deck..a few bedok north boys and girls... smoking there.. with cigarette lighter and all that on the table.. No prizes for guessing what happened, maybe they sibei suey lah.

cos a few teachers or sch staff or maybe their DM suddenly approached out of nowhere... then all tio rounded up.. no time to run..all faster hide lighter all that.. then still can profusely deny... lol.. i dunno whether to laugh or cry.

ok.. back to the main topic - Tekong.

All right.we're going to the sunny island and live in a resort soon. just realised i sept birthday..sure kena 4th or 5th level bunk. gan suey. but nvm. at least i sch 2. no charlie coy jacob ladder, no all the scary things.

btw, no time to catch up with u all sch 1 kias sia. hope wed night got more time to kar gor talk cock. esp do guard duty..sentry nv see anything one ar? so heng? heard in the past sentry is volunteer one.. cos no need walk around and sweat buckets.. but now i think is mandatory shift. correct? and now if u heng, i heard u won't tio guard at all...

must do prowling also.. but this at least got buddy can chit chat with u along the way when u roam the camp..not so bad. nv hear u all mention any scary stories also..

other than hock field camp shit nv dig hole.. and that's it. no other sensational news.

my bro last year come back more stories.. dunno real or fake. but he won't so old sch scare me with all those stories.. he do area cleaning in find long hair b4... not those 5cm ULTRA long ones. 20-30cm that type.. intermittently appears in the toilet... eerie.

and he go live firing range.. his fren who claimed to have the 3rd yin yang eye..saw dirty things near the target there.. then they see him quite shaken.. subsequent shots all bobo liao.

and last one... not during his duty, but his platoon mates....claimed to see a lady...walking towards the camp...then road lamps will flicker one. they go report also dismissed as nuttin much.. think is "regular visitor". wahaha.... kinda scary.

and wonder u all got late night go pee or shit anot? cfm paiseh to wake up ur buddy one rite? take the torch walk walk walk..then sensor suddenly all lights lit up. lol...

and field camp... weixian, we better pray our turn ti gong bo bi dun rain.... u just imagine ur socks, underwear...everything all drenched and soaked. then must tahan 7 days. cfm bth.

And better pray hard, DON't step on some faeces left behind by some inconsiderate arseholes.. lol..otherwise ur boots no chance to thoroughly wash...then ur platoon all must tahan ur chao stinko smell together for the remaining few days. sibei suey one.

till now i also haven't really pack my stuff. all chunk one corner. lucky i got a sibling with all the hand-me-downs... blue tape black tape, snake powder, personal med kit, gd torchlight, more no.4 for u to display in cabinet..all ready liao..

Tekong, here we come! lol... dunno why still abit look forward to 2 years inside.. gd luck to those clearing leave soon... hope u get posted to the desired unit.. senang or siong depends on the individual song anot lo.. just gd luck~


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