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Friday, March 24, 2006

army blues


REC reporting in sires!

adjustment week's over. so far so gd. quite fun. my bunkmates are nubbad.. some real smart arses in there though... 3As 2Distinctions.. place in Imperial College of London..all that.. certainly not lacking here. but of course, there's the other end of the spectrum too..

hmm.. to my platoon is all jc kias..only 2 from shatec... 1 of them in my bunk though..only 19 and his life exp can pwn all of us man.. lol... Jinhan..he's living the dream u once pictured urself in too.. becoming a chef all that.

and oh yeah, my batch also have lotsa ppl who came back from abroad... all those New Zealand, Melbourne kias all here... Shyam of Vj also of indian descent... only 2 vj ppl in my platoon.. and also, got South Korean, Indonesian all that in here... lotsa of them man.

in fact, my platoon got ang moh. Yes, you heard it right. Singaporean Caucasian serving NS. Really 3G army now siah... SAF no longer the place for ah bengs to Serve-and-Farkoff. It's only an international force man.. lol... he's American btw.

btw, i in Taurus.. wx in Viper.. damn u. take our 7pm ferry home. push us to 8pm. but most #@%@% is that freakingly gayed name Ulysses... 11am. wtf? talk abt early book out having to book in early. my coy 8.45pm and ulysses 8.30pm.v early eh... lol.. nothing's fair in ns and in life. so just hafta to live with it. Or, to be exact, ENDURE.

that dreaded word that will plague us for the next 3months or so..

wx, u share ur stories here also lah ok? knn u.. adjustment week must be chao keng go swallow toothpaste then high fever + migraine go back right? but heard my older ORD-ed fren say that toothpaste really burns inside u though.. better dun try. not worth for Att C status.

and yea...i find it rather amusing.. or how shld i say it.. like i see wx inside.. will automatically call him Jiao Bin..then he'll call me LJB or JB for short.. lol..come to think of it..rather hilarious.

and damn... my name's already nice up there on the "Judgement Day" notice board... b'cos forget to bring FAD down for fire drill... this is freaking dumb.. really dumb. u may say me (and 2 others in my section) deserve it but then.. let me explain first..

cos that was arnd 6pm..after dinner. we knew either that day or next will have fire drill... just climbed all the way back to 5th floor..sit down talk cock awhile..then some siren went off.


bcos we dun wanna get farked for not displaying the much-vaunted sense of urgency.
we all chiong down. Helmet, pail, FAD and all.


we were the only platoon down there. foolishly wearing the helmet, pail in hand, and shouting "Fire" like there's no tmr. our Platoon Sergeant (PS) down there, looked kinda dazed... then suddenly burst out into laughter with the Sec Comm for that day.


it was the freaking Cat 1 weather status signal...


i had suspected sth wrong. cos firstly, the alarm sounded very much like the Total Defence day Bomb raid one... asking u to rush to nearest bomb shelter. when did it become fire alarm?
and also, when we farking chionged down.. the platoon 2 and 3 ppl were like.. "Wtf?" by the we made our way down the stairs.

then at night..when the real fire drill came.. i left out my FAD. damn.

btw.. my section 12 ppl.. 1 OOT, the remaining 11, 7 in punishment's ic book liao. lol.. nv shave, sign touch box.. simi also have.. one guy from next bunk tio confinement liao..commence next week.. honeymoon week's over.

so far so gd lor.. got 2-3 days can afford to take afternoon nap. but sometimes got few occasions..sat or sun afternoon.. nice time to catch forty winks.. the idiot "ishrain" DI can kajiao us.. do all the star jump, bunny hope arnd chairs.. superman... crunches, bridge... for freaking 3hrs. that's why now admin time we also v apprehensive.. admin time ppl sleep we up there jumping arnd.. lol..

and yea..area cleaning.. yea..some ppl really like from rich families that type..nv touch b4 broom or rag.. machiam expect their amahs or maids to come clean for them... lol.. cos i Corridor ic... then they sweep floor eh.. when they say ok, done liao.. u must go sweep wipe both his and ur own arse. the drains are not nice to sweep... die die will have specks of dust one.

but the worse must be... toilet ic.. gan suey. the sergeant found pubes in the urinal..took up and asked "What's this?" then proceeded to wipe his fingers on my fren's shirt.. lol.. really must be considerate and pick up after u urine man..

water parade... kena one strict one liao lor.. full bottle... cannot drip a single drip on shirt or floor. he see got that ONE drip.. go fill and drink another time.. then step forward in the that ur spot will be dry again.. alot of them drank 2 bottles.. really bloated i tell u. all developing tekong water phobia.

hmm..wad else to share... oh yeah

abt those not so clean stuff.. platoon 3 (i'm in platoon 4) got ppl claim got long hair on their beds when they wake up again..for few days..then someone said they saw the typical long-hair-white-figure thingy floating arnd the corridor at night.. dunno. better dun think too much.

but i also joined my frens to scared some sleeping ppl... sit on top of their metal cupboards with legs dangling down...( ala the commander story laughing at weak recruits story) but he nv freak out. still ask us wad time fall in. lol..peng. then L-torch..put green lenses..this one dun play too much. and go squat on the wooden shoe cabinet facing the bed to scare the poor sleeping guy.. lol.. i tio this. and when i scare others he kick me siah.. lol.. it was fun. but i think must cut down. better dun push our luck.

ok...honeymoon week's over. night snacks also over (this most dumb. barely 2 hrs dinner u die die must eat the muffin+cake or sth)... it's only the beginning.

wx, pass over to you. jinhan 3weeks confinement.. ronald still arnd now.. blog more lah.


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