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Thursday, March 02, 2006


WARNING: All about football
but i think way before Wayne Rooney, there was already a GOD amidst us. yep, even the britons had the decency to nickname him as the Almighty. He was THAT good. Paul Gascoigne may have been the most talented.

But none came close to being such a natural goalscorer.

Robbie Fowler.

upon your first exposure to game, normally people will pick a team to support based on a couple of players that will make u pledge ur allegiance to the team. some said Cantona for Man Utd, some wanted Ginola for Spurs, Shearer for Blackburn etc.

Liverpool all bout Owen? lol... it was Captain Fowler man. he's da man really. at 17 he was terrifying. he scored much much more goals than anyone else.. not even Rooney.. diff playing styles, but Fowler was way damn good back then. it looked like he was capable of conquering the world man.

but alas, his career fizzled out and left Liverpool. but he was really capable of scoring goals by another way back then. head, knee, chest, lob, fk, left foot volley, right foot chip. all the outrageous stuff he did it effortlessly. till today, i still rmb his overhead kick goal against Charlton in our cup treble winning season in 2002 to secure CL next season..

the following video with gr8 accompanying music is for him..

Since we're at it. let's see Gerrard..ahaha. he's way better than simi lampar guy lah. hope the new England coach won't suppress him in a DM role to allow Lampard to roam up front. damn unfair. Gerrard scores spectacular goals man. to think we almost lost him to Everton, which was his boyhood club....his cousin Anthony is playing for the Blues though..

dun say boh. this Cantona goal also sibei swee. it's what defines him. his attitude, his character, his cockiness and penchant for scoring unbelievable goals. and that sheer arrogance with the folded up collars. and the look on his face after he scored this goal. damn.

Credit: Nystul's Propunter site


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