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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


pop pop pop!

Time sure flies. Now it's our turn to "serve our land, once in our lives, 2 years of our time". Wooooo...... Dunno what to make of it. I'm just apathetic towards it i suppose. More concerned about the uni admission. Limited options due to result, plus no decent idea on what the remainder courses are like. On top of that, swee and i won't be able to make it for the unis' open hse this weekend! Woot~ Icing on the cake! Or rather fly on the shit.

Mm.. one option i'm considering is taking psychology. But then i don't really know what one can do with it in the future. Not much career prospects huh? Anyone else considering this course too? Then there's also the business degrees.. but only have a vague idea of them.

"Have you ever wondered why we've to serve?" lol. It's the law, stupid. But just for civilians out there, the politically correct, patriotic answer would be "cos we love our land, and want it to be free, to be free... YA".

And so, swee and i shall pass the baton to han and guo. May you 2 be fruitful and multiply. Haha. Sounds brokeback huh. Multiply crap la. Swee posted so much liverpool stuff during these few months, the least you 2 can do is to reciprocate right? Haha. And since he wants a change of the blog layout, perhaps it could replaced with a Man U one? I can't picture his shock and disgust when he returns from the confinement. lol. Alright, shall leave the task of how to revamp the blog layout to your imagination.




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