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Friday, March 31, 2006

army rox~

settling into army life? yea...

and i got gd news to share with all of u also... no matter where it concerns u anot..


u know wad?

4d? nope.

toto? u wait a lil bit longer.

It's the Weekend Guard Duty (GD) !!!!!

power! tmr night going back liao... zZZzz.. ppl got long weekend.. i go back "protect Tekong", which according to my PS, sounds like some v noble and respectable feat. Ensuring the safety of the military installations... be on the guard against intruders...

but all these acty only mean one thing: Sai Kang.

Woot~ Wx, u sunday night go back maybe u can catch me do sentry duty at the SFT guardroom man. Baton in hand, shield in the other, way too cool yeah? Lol...

the baton is really just another name for the wooden stick.. saw it.. but the shield more impressive.. really like those riot police use least not some sub standard rattan round basket thingy...

but still.... i dun see how convincing or intimidating a guy equipped with that can ask some intruder to halt.. farniE? u bet.

hai... dun kena this same shit as me ok? i ran down stairs for fire drill... the FAD dropped on the way i believe... and now strike jackpot. lol.. okie lah.. acty i'm fine with it.. try to think positive and be less sore abt it that's all...

Timothy H and Diwei at least better off... weekday GD..12 hrs only..and nv burn weekend.. whereas Pravin and me hong gan liao..24 hrs.. no doubt got shift..but next day 10am resume liao.. guard rest and avoiding strenuous activity won't exactly let u feel better.

ok... enuff abt my own stuff...

just now saw vincent online..long time nv chat with him liao.. turned out he now posted to Police Acaedmy..kinda rare siah..he told me the Jan intake..only abt 40 crossed over.. less than 1% of the cohort... and he's formerly from Ninja siah.. the infamous Ninja..

managed to dig some stories from him... no wonder Ninja is xiong.

one of the more ridiculous ones has to be.... u must knock it down whenever u see ur platoon's commander... PC 30, PS 25, others 20... this is WHENEVER u see them. in the morning, night..simi sai also u knock it down. Absurd? u bet.

and apparently...their OC is not the affable...kind type of OC... is the red beret one.. damn fierce one.. my coy OC join us for brief us with us..that's all... Ninja's OC will pump them one.. wahaha..and he told me got once OC not happy abt the standards of their area cleaning... confine the entire coy till sunday morning... wtf siah...

and the scary thing is... GD is like everyday routine to them... they GD and confine like nobody's business... know what? their coy fill up all the guard duty slots.. until there's NO VACANCY.

schedule packed until bloc leave come back do guard duty.

wtf? this is damn power.

so count ur blessings my friend.

there's always someone worse off than u.

meanwhile.... booking in in less than 24 hrs... sian 1/2....


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