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Saturday, October 08, 2005


In the blink of an eye, 19 months have passed (for some of you 22) and within another week, we would have officially ended our 2 yrs in vjc. So shall we take this time to reflect and ponder on our lives for the past year or so... What have we achieved during this period? Have these 2 years been fruitful and well-spent?

Of course, achievements are not merely restricted to the academic sense. At the end of the day, there are other far more important aspects such as relationships and our moral conduct. In fact, if one only has academic achievements to boast of, i'm afraid he/she has more or less squandered the past years.

More often than not, i believe our reflections would be associated with regrets and a sense of guilt for not making the right decisions or doing something that should have been done. What that has been written cannot be changed. Some may despair at the short time we've left and lose their will to fight. But i think this is exactly why all the more we should take note and cherish what little time we have left. For this is the final window of opportunity for us to make a change to our jc lives, to make an impact and to correct all that has been wronged.

I have made my choice. What about you?



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