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Monday, October 03, 2005


Hi ya!

Wah, Blogger has really gone retard. The typing format totally went haywire... Don't know how this entry will turn out later.

Anyway, Blogger is not only the retarded thing now. Just browse through the class photos and realised like we look like some misfits from Towner Garden in a number of them... at least on my part. Haha. There are also quite some funny stuff to look out for too. For example in the 1st photo, Sylvia's head looks like it's floating in the mid-air. April has even suggested that she looks like those Al-Qaeda spokesman with those long beard (Mingxi's hair is like right under her chin). Then there's also Jin Yuan, who always have the same simley expression on for most of the pics. Haha. Last but no the least, there's also the last pic where Tony was blocked by Hock and only part of his head with his right eye was visible. Kinda reminds of those movie advertisement posters for horrow shows, like there's 1 long haired ghost standing behind the actor/actress.

Haha, i'd say, this is even better than most of those out there. Since we already have 'the Ring', why not call this 'the Tap'? LOL... Then the trailer could be like got this person walking in a dark corridor, then a hand reached out and gently tap his/her shoulder and there's this faint, barely audible moan, e.g. "Sweee Keattt..." or "Razakkkk..." The person looks back, then he/she screams in a Jen/Belinda manner and the screen blacks out (or jen blocks the camera). Hahaha...

Alrighty... That's all.




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