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Sunday, October 16, 2005


think just write abit..

Goal movie was nubbad. It is rather effective in spreading its intended message. Nice work with FIFA and the star players to make cameo apperances. Generated lotsa free publicity for Newcastle too. but they goondu got more eyes scrutinizing their performance now they go lose to Wigan. tsk tsk.

Well. You watch the movie can have lotsa perspectives, depending on you're watching as a football fan, movie-goer or just a plain critic. Though I spotted lotsa 'Easter Eggs' and flaws with the story plot, although it was still great.

-Santiago trained under the full glare of the stadium floodlights at night. Very smart eh? bian lui one
-He wouldn't have gotten a British work permit in the first place. Yeah lah, the thought of breaking into the First XI after a span of few months like very magical, fairy tale type. But he never even represent his native country before, play simi sai.

and others i forgot liao.

The movie did well to highlight the situation of EPL footballers.. suddenly under the media glare with new-found riches. There'll be lotsa tempations like drugs, sex etc. What's more with those English girls sometimes v slutty one, throw themselves to kiss-and-tell. Then let the tabloids splash the juicy news all over the headlines the next day. Short career span & injuries all that... Yeah, you get the picture.

okie, end here. FIFA 2006 is out. maybe after A's should go dl or wad and try. Been a long time since I played Fifa on the pc liao..


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