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Thursday, October 06, 2005

note: ok..i realised i wrote way too much at the end of this entry... once again this blog has served its purpose. Good.

Well.. it's here once again. The time of the year. Some relish it, some dread it like the plague. Exams are terrifying, but certainly not everything. Maybe. Maybe we or perhaps just me who dislikes the 'showhand' way of things but practicality decrees so. It kinda of expresses our exasperation with life. We know it's not the best or even ideal way to gauge or quantify something like capability or intelligence or wadever you define it to be, but sadly, they're the sole viable means. Makes you ponder really. About why things are like this or that.

Every individual's so-called intelligence is inherent from birth albeit, never fair & equal. I remember reading a ST article some time back, featuring a short quote from this EM3 boy regarding SG's education system... It talked about his aspirations to become a great lawyer, being the "guardian angel" of justice, defending the accused innocent.. but when he thought of the academic qualifications or rather his lack of, his heart dropped.

Unfair isn't it? Yes, he may be in the future. But fate has certainly dealt him a near fatal blow by condemning him even before his life journey has barely begun. The system is indeed flawed. But at present, it is the best possible around. SG is even ranked as one of the top countries for churning out competent students trained in numeracy and the sciences. Sad but true. You say, hard work to make up for one's shortcomings? Easier said than done, really.

Guilty. That I was so wasteful but I hope it isn't too late. It's the penultimate month. D-day looming and here I am still languishing far behind. Things don't look good eh? Lol... Smile I may but things must change, fast and drastically.

btw, thought I could just share my experience on the way home today. I was seated next to 3 boys/men/guys of my age too. Or rather, only one that's around late teens or a young adult. He's 'leading' the two younger ones of sorts. The latter two claimed to be on holiday. And I guess only those who are done PSLE are free right now? N levels, O's, polys all that are definitely not in the vacation period at this time of the year. And they do look the part too. Perhaps the distinctively trying-to-dress-mature style was written all over their dressing.

And they, mentioned some terms which i can certainly identify with.

"369". "...this time don't have your share, 'cos you keep on hesitating whether to join us anot back then...want do things must be decisive, just yes or no, don't drag your feet..." "You better take good care of the contents in the bag, don't squash it i tell you" Only for the younger ones, to get reprimanded 'cos they tried to open the package right there to check on it "when there are so many people around". They even had the cheek to blurt out "Since you already said it out liao...."

All these in Mandarin of course. I believe you can string them together and apprehend what they are talking about.

From their dressing and appearance, they certainly don't look like it. But deep down, all of us seated around them eavesdropping or instead being forced to listen to their loud and bold conversations in the public, know that they can't be far off being part of a "secret society" or "triad" or whatever you deem it. Imagining them peddling with drugs suddenly don't appear that far-fetched to our minds.

When I got up to alight, my eyes caught their line of vision straight on. I sensed something. Something hard to say in words. But it struck me then...

Here we are. At the so-called crossroads of our life, facing a major exam. And here they are, still very young and naive, potentially embarking on the erroneous journey that will forever mar their lives. Which is more life-changing you say? Laugh we shall at our foolishness. We've been indoctrinated by the society.

Little wonder they say young adolescents are the most easily influenced. Hope that the 2 young kids are able to distance themselves from "big brother's" words. Not that I'm all grown-up and fit to comment much about this. But I thought I could at least blog about it.

It may just change your perspective towards life. A refreshing viewpoint is needed every now and then to remind us and not to lose ourselves during this make-or-break period.... esp when we're grappling and stumbling across to face this imminent hurdle lying ahead of us...

I recall Apple founder Steve Jobs saying, everyday he wakes up and asks the person in the mirror, if this was the last day on Earth, would he still do what he had planned for the rest of the day? When the answers were consecutively "No" for a number of days, he knew he had to do something to change things. He also said, only in the face of death then all other things will appear minute & insignificant. And these things shan't always be bothering us. Very inspiring and refreshing indeed.

Take care` We'll meet again at the finishing line.