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Monday, October 17, 2005

For PM Lee and country.

Self-study 'break'...

Study has never been such a chore...

Why am i born in such a competitive and pointless place like Singapore? Make it somewhere else like Switzerland, Canada or Korea, where at the very least the weather is better.

After A lvl, still got to serve the nation, serve the national service.

"Good evening Mr __________.

Your enlistment date is not finalised yet. An enlistment notice will be sent to you two months before your enlistment date. For further enquiries, please call MINDEF eService Center at 1800-364 6333 or email to us at"

... They will probably spring some kinder surprise and send me a letter these 2 weeks.

Man... Do me a service by sending me to some white horse platoon. And don't try to bs that they don't exist. Moral ed. has failed, you jackass-es.

And that's all the bs i have. Now back to studies...



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