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Sunday, July 30, 2006

BSLC's end.

I've finally watched Pirates of the Carribean yesterday! Caught it with another desperado bunkmate of mine at Jurong Point, right after bookout. Went in 15 mins after the show had started, but no choice, cos the next one screens 2 hrs later. So gotta rush rush and rush to maximise whatever free time we've. That's the pathetic and sad lifestyle of NSF trainees.

Deadman's Chest was pretty good, had a lot of actions but i'd still prefer the 1st one. Felt that the storyline had more depth in the latter, unlike the former which had too many things happening concurrently and leaves the viewers with a lot of questions at the end of the show. Basically, it's just like a 2.5hrs trailer for the 3rd episode which if i'm not mistaken, has been named World's End. I just hope that the last episode will be a fitting ending to the series.

In other words, bslc will be ending in 4 weeks' time. Can't wait to get out of trainee life and out of the jungles, the mosquitoes, the mud and the swamp. Can't wait for the day when i can react to some of my sergeants in a manner befitting them. Hmm.. got some thoughts forming up in my mind now. Hahaha. :) Revenge will be sweet.


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