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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Divine intervention.

Ah, a timely entry to revive this dying blog. Haha.

4 weeks of sispec life has passed, and boy, have i missed out on so many stuff.. world cup, and now some mid-east war? Mm.. I'm so deprived of the interesting world out there. Haha. This is not to say that sispec life is all dull, there's some silver linings in the dark clouds too. For example, our chemical defence "confidence building" session a.k.a remove your gas mask inside gas chamber. Quite fun in a way, get to see some pple 'crying as if everyone else in the world has died', as an officer put it.

Then there was also our navigation exercises at lower mandai (nowhere near mandai zoo, but rather some country club and reservoir), where there's some treetop trail and some dirt track for pple who wanna feed the mosquitoes (joggers and trekkers). It was quite eventful for my team. Got this part when we decided to cut some corner and follow the dirt track (which was not allowed) to this location closest to our next checkpoint (it's a yellow card hung onto one of the trees) before bashing through the jungles. Then we ran into a group of PAP kids on an excursion, who i think reacted as though we're some kind of primitive humanoids from the jungles. Though probably can't blame them too, cos soldiers with parang and M-16 aren't exactly the things you'd expect to see on a PAP nature excursion eh..

And for outsiders, in case you didn't know, the plants in lower mandai are freaking thorny, like they're some alien plants from outer space. Definitely worse than cactus. One of my team-mate walked into one of those thorny branches and got his eye pierced. Dramatic. The initial bleeding was quite bad and my FAD was used.. lol. Use your FAD? That seeming redundant piece of cloth? Never in my wildest dreams. Then we evacuated him to the nearest dirt track by bashing straight north (we weren't sure of our coordinates/we were half-lost). Along the way, the signaller in my group used such exaggerated terms to communicate on the coms set that the others must have thought we've got someone dying. Haha. Thinking back, it was really quite amusing and funny. We were really so panicky initially. Monkeys in the bushes we though got wild boar. lol. Lucky for my friend, that thorn missed his eye by 1.8cm, piercing his eye lid instead. Then there was also night navigation, which was hell. Nothing good to say about it. Can't see shit. In the end after 2 failed attempts to find our checkpoint, we just find some spot and sit down talk cock till the time is up. Don't want to imagine what kind of life those OCT are having in Brunei man.

And that about sums up the more interesting parts of these 2 weeks. Outfield training gonna starts in a week's time, hell gonna break loose. But looking on the bright side, what won't break us will only make us stronger and besides, there's only so much tekan the instructors can do to us. I'm looking forward to passing out from sispec and maybe hopefully get into MP and start raiding other units. You all better start keeping your camera phones and MP3 at home!




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