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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

the match said it all..

feeling somewhat obligated to say my piece on England's dismal showing this campaign, I believe everyone has his or her own views.

Not being up to par, dishing out boring football.

Surely this is not what the masses expect from one of the best Three Lions' side since their 1966 homesoil triumph. Many names have been brought to the cruxificion cross, but the number of culprits are such that it'll take a massacre to wipe out each individual's sins.

The controversial incident that sparked the fracas:

If you asked me, it sure doesn't seem intentional.

But, for a tournament that's not likely to be remembered for any single player lighting up the entire stage, it's ironic that the referees are more than capable of taking centre stage.

Disputed sending offs, cautioned for the seemingly most innocuous of tackles. Everything constituted an infringement, a foul and of course, a resulting free kick.

This greatly disrupted the flow of play and certainly, the level of entertainment and pleasure for the fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo is despicable no doubt. But if you've noticed, he's always placed country over club, Portugal's maroon red rather than Man U's. It's true. Esp in the absence of Figo's temporary international hiatus, Ronaldo saw himself as the leader to rise to the occasion. Battling hard, fight for the country's cause be it his father's death or whatever.

But doing all this just to get your club-mate sent off is very wrong. Just look at the scorn on Rooney's face. To think that the press release, probably influenced by a very PR-conscious Man U management, is that both players are on good terms and Ronaldo continued to call...text Rooney on his mobile even after that.. "no worries, we can play as a team" seems to be the intended message.

I mean come on. Ronaldo has to leave. The lure of Real Madrid under the tutelage of possibly the best tactician, Fabio Capello will be hard to resist. Furthermore, RVN and Rooney can stay now. It's a no-brainer that one will choose England's next big thing, and ur club's 30million pounds signing rather than the Mr Flashy-cum-Twinkle-Toes right?

They look like they've just saw God descended from above.

If you ask me, the worst culprit that epitomizes England's sorry campaign, is none other than the lampar kia.

Mr Lampard.

He totally sucked. To the core. But as one of the more established player in the lineup, he was considered an "untouchable" by Eriksson. Sub him out? Or you mean DROP him? Unthinkable man. Face it, his form is kns. totally shit. he'll live with the stinky reputation of being the player being the most shots at goal without a single goal to his name. Statistics don't lie.

Btw... Beckham has finally surrenderred his armband. Great move by him, can prolong his international career considerably. But sadly, it'll go to Terry if the pundits are right.

Gerrard would have been the natural choice.. in terms of being an inspirational figure.. urging and really fighting for your team's cause. He embodies the English indomitable spirit, fighting to the end. even more than Rooney if you insist.

But.. unfortunately.. club background does come into play.. and Liverpool ain't exactly considered that big a boy in the league.. so Terry and all that..tends to take first priority.. yeah.. that's how the world works outside too.

On a irrelevant note.. The Tour de France is on too. But it failed to emerge from the shadows of Mr Livestrong.. another doping scandal.. geez.. everyone takes drugs huH? lol. from ullrich to basso. all suspended by their respective teams for fear of disqualification. this is the ultimate mess man.

of course, other than the scandal Serie A is embroiled in now. Juventus' chances don't look bright. Hai.. this is indeed a bad time to be a Bianconeri fan. but you could see it coming.. Juve was like.. way too dominant and powerful in Italy lah.. it's like every week a win is a given, three points is a foregone conclusion. the most consistent league team for the last decade or so in all major European leagues man.

now Capello is gone. maybe a mass exodus on the cards. I'd hate to see that. but if that really happens, i hope Juve will come back. to Serie B or C1. do a Fiorentina and rise like a phoenix from the ashes. please.

Hope Italy overcomes the Germans tonight. Keeping fingers crossed, the hope lives on.



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