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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

i don't want to say much but...

it's been some time.

Italy won the World Cup for the 4th time. cheers.

Juventus got relegated for the 1st time in its history.

fark it. (milan shld join us)

Israel are flexing its muscles.

And, my course is almost ending.

yea..short summary of all i want to say.

it's kinda sad, that it had to turn out this way. Juve was wrong, but i wonder whether such a judgement by the tribunal would be in the best of the league's and team's interests.

Great. Let's see Chievo, Empoli fight it out in Europe. Simply awesome man.

Let's see how the TV rights fee plummet.

Even if Starhub brings back Serie A I doubt anyone would want to watch it now.

How Italian football will get a nasty smack right in the face when Palermo gets whacked by some European giant like Barcelona by some hockey or even cricket scoreline.

Perhaps the only consolation is that only in times of adversity do one witness true loyalty. Del Piero & probably Nedved sticking thru it thick and thin. pleasant surprise from the mercenaries bastards plying their trade in big clubs nowadays.

Middle East is seeing some action too as the major European leagues gear into action.

The Israelis decided to depict reel screen onto reality, except that Private Ryan turned into a Corporal instead behind its inquest into Palestine.

They never saw eye to eye anyway.

Considering that Israel pretty much fought its territory all by force half a century ago and the Palestines definitely still kpkb-ing about it, wanting to strike back but kinda tough luck for it's the Israeli army we're talking about.

It's like the mother of all armies.

Another radical group Hizbollah in Lebanon decided to join in the fun, but got Beirut bombed big time instead. Capturing two Israeli soldiers just to prove something, but implicated its innocent citizens instead.

Iran, Saudi Arabia and the predominantly Muslim region is gonna retaliate soon, but Israel vs Rest of Middle East is gonna be one tough fight.

It's like Red Alert, Command & Conquer everything rolled into one.

Wonder how US will react, being such a close ally but surely wouldn't want to further stretch its military forces after Iraq, Afghanistan and with Iran & N.Korea looming, you wouldn't want to make a hash decision anytime soon.

This is kinda poignant for dealing with arms every single day will sorta tweak ur mindset towards weapons, warfare and all that.

War is bad, but it is necessary at times.

Getting hands-on with all this will easily make u forget that every single piece you're dealing with is capable of shedding blood. human lives and all that.

Course ending end-August, probably getting posted to East Zone and tat means no more hefty transportation expenses again.

bad news though is that I'll be omni-present..

meaning there'll be no permanent camp to report to, just a HQ base. but perhaps Paya Lebar today, Hendon tomorrow, Selarang the next appeals to some who wants to visit every single camp in SG.

Going wherever we're needed, maintenance.. doing fit-for-firing (fff), repair.. it's like there's no lull period, and being busy all year round. this kinda sucks.

Unless.. i'm so lucky.. or rather unlucky..

to get earmarked for overseas posting.. two out of 20 odd. can't be that zhun right?

lidat hafta report to Army Maintenance Base (AMB) in Nee Soon Camp everyday man.

Just kill me if thats the case.

Especially if the vacant posting is for Lancer in Brunei.

Just shoot me then.

Even Paris Hilton's Stars are Blind sounds good.

wad's the world becoming to man....


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