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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Let's waste your time and mine too!


LJH kena fever after thurs' soccer match, now i'm also down with flu and a semi-fever. Gotten a taste of what LJH went through.. what a tortorous feeling. Couldn't slept last night, so ended up playing Maple till around 3.

But i doubt the cause of my illness was the football match, must be that _____ rojak i ate on saturday. I tell you, this is surely an _____ conspriacy to take over the world. Weaken us through food poisoning, then later ambush us under the shroud of darkness during nightime. lol.

Duh.. I'm just joking of cos. But better watch what i say since the government has been utilising the Sedition Act lately. Nowadays the news media has been harping on the topic of racism for days.. i mean, what's the big deal man? It's not like this issue can be eradicated, especially in a multi-cultural society like ours. Laws like the Sedition Act merely address the problem superficially, but not solve the root cause. Some have suggested using education to instill a sense of mutual respect in the young and cultivate racial harmony... How are they gonna achieve that? Introduce another Moral Ed.? C'mon, those who have been through it know it's a fiasco. What singaporean identity.. If each one of us has a chance to migrate to a better place, i guess we'll probably do so... Yeah, i'm a cynical person.

These brings our attention to the calibre and quality of the policy-makers in Singapore today, which can be briefly summed up in 1 word: incompetent. Just take education as an example. We have been told of the emerging economy of China, and how Singapore must cultivate able Chinese-speaking individuals who could establish a bridge between the 2 nations and let us ride on their success. Then not long ago, MOE introduced some Chinese C syllabus (can't rmb the name), which is essentially a lower standard of Chinese. Won't this encourage a lackadasical attitude among the students, especially those who are less Chinese-inclined? What they have achieve with one hand, they have undone it with the other...

Of course, some may say that i'm in no position to criticse them since i couldn't get the job done myself either. True. But my attitude is that, if you can't earn your keep, then scram and let others have a go. I'm sure there are able people out there, so let's not throw good money after such failures. However, more often than not, we usually witness the opposite in reality...

Alright, this blog has succeeded in its purpose: to waste my time and yours too. So to sum it up, let this entry be a reminder to those readers in positions of authority. With great power, comes great responsibility. If you aren't up to the mark, step down yourself and make a graceful exit, and not wait for others to oust you from power.



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