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Thursday, September 15, 2005

long time no blog... we're midway thru the exams...

for me, i expected alot worst, but maybe it's really that but somemore i don't feel so?

exams are always going to be dreadful unless you like challenges blah blah all the crap lah...

but somemore, this time round things seem more immune. I wonder why too.

maybe after getting mediocre grades all this while, become acclimatized to how things are like liao? lol...dunno lah. but at least so far feel so good. not as in good in grades, knowing how to do all the sums all that. but it's just that feel. not that stressful i should say maybe.

ok...btw, for the lyrics Jinhan posted...nice song. I just heard the song again on radio yesterday or something, thinking maybe i'll go source for it online but then forgot the name liao. lol...good.

ooh, btw my unker just gave us or rather my brother a new keyboard. the wireless Microsoft one together with that mouse... yeah. 'cos my brother is their Godson mah. birthday present for him. good as might...cannot stand the rattling of my keyboard now, getting old and creaky. esp the damn spacebar.

but what good is it eh? one sleek looking exterior...but it runs just on 2.0Ghz and 768mb of RAM. Oh, oh yeah, b4 the exams instead of studying i was fiddling around with my desktop too. installed this OS-X theme (yeah, Mac-wannabe...everyone seems to love their coolness). Looks much more nice now, all the skins, dock, taskbar, cursors are all refreshing for a change.

At least it looks pretty decent now. All that widgets. The clock. Calendar. To-do list all that. Dunno how long this interest will last. But at least still intrigued by it now. Getting more interested in IT geek stuff.. Overclocking, tweaking the windows system32 folder... all seemed so foreign not long ago. maybe after graduate go army liao more time to pursue this potential interest.

Ok, enuff' rambling. Hah, knew this blog was a gd avenue to talk all your crap out. Machiam weekly therapy lidat. Just write wad u want. type wad u want. asdassdasdasuidnasd. just like this.

On the last note, i'm pretty sure we're all fired up for this upcoming encounter...

Liverpool vs Man Red @ holy Anfield.

die-die must watch. must feel grateful it's an early kickoff too. We'll show what champions are made dun brag. skarly later home ground boo-hoo.....CHOY! anyway, good rivalry. It's the real EPL derby i believe. The biggest clash on the calendar. No Arsenal or Chelsea. The fan base for these clubs just ain't there.

oh yah, bloody Starhub confirmed that no telecast for Serie A this season. wtf man. really. sometimes the EPL is overhyped man. yeah lah, v passionate fans, fast action end to end football. but i still think the biggest mightiest clubs are still Juve, Milan and probably Barcelona now. EPL still no dominant club playing attractive football on European stage. Including Liverpool of 'cos. But still, no Serie A? not that i watch alot. but Starhub's press statement really v fook man. wad 'continue to offer comprehensive and quality programmes like...' then list the likes of FIFA U17 all that shit. if u show us Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Brazilian and J-league week in week out then talk ok.

ok. this is turning out ridiculously long. maths tmr.


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