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Sunday, September 25, 2005

in a slump

argh..feeling rather bad now..

sun-kissed at sentosa... giap u smart leh..apply whole my shoulders aching liao..the skin is angry red now..

alright. bad weekend for now. tired, dehydrated. Scaly skin, cracked lips. Doesn't help that soccer results aren't going my way. Kelong? Hai... convenient excuse to blame..but really, the ball is round. at least my arms all alright.

Liverpool failing to win at St. Andrews after a sterling 1st half performance? Made me dived straight in... fark. really fark. cannot believe it man. What about Man U losing to Blackburn? it was a sure win match? After 3 consecutive draws with Man City, Villareal and Liverpool, for sure this was a banker bet? No. At least i stayed off this match. Arsenal. Not really surprised for Pardew's team is in red hot form, nvm the fatigue factor after playing in Carling cup in the mid-week fixture.

Arsenal, Liverpool, Man U.

Once giants of English football. Now what?

For now, it's all Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea...


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