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Friday, January 27, 2006

just another post.

hello tekong kias... all come out again liao eH?
anw, happy bdae Mozart

just do a short post now.

If you're following the Aussie Open. you'll realise how boring it is.

i never watch much.. since not many big names playing against each other.
maybe it did not help much that many top players such as Safin, Nadal all withdrew out of the tournament citing injuries.. the star-studded event seems not so bright after all.

then those seeds were blundered out of the competition b4 long.. Hewitt, Roddick, Williams sisters etc.. btw Venus n Serena really getting more n more chunky alredy siah. their thighs can definitely strangle u to death man. power.

but at least got this Cypriot kia to spice things up abit. Marcos Baghdatis. from his looks u can't really imagine him being only 20 yrs old nia leh. looks v v much older or if u want, mature. now he's in the finals.. think shld be up against Fed Express next.. the Swiss also not playing well. but still, he steamrolls thru each opponent again n again. after all last season he only lost 3 times.. his betting odds whenever he plays is sth like 1.01, 1.03... or worst.. 1.00

'cos is 1.000....1 that type. serious. almost as sure as the Sun coming out of the East every dawn lidat.

btw, razak.. rmb that tennis babe i told u abt not? that time one.. then u say ur dad watching tv cannot go see.. then online go search? Hantuchova. rmb? she played against Sharapova in the 4th round or so siah.. two hottest babes in the tennis circuit against each other then.. nice match. lol..not for the tennis though.

back to Baghdatis. he taught us one lesson.
esp important now since the fine raised to 10k now..and all the rage in parliament n coffeeshop talks..

if u want to evade NS, either go be a worldclass pianist. or go be a major tennis Open finalist. damn.


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