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Monday, January 23, 2006

Kobe rules the NBA franchise

Kobe Bryant.

not many players are known only by their first names. Kobe does.

not many players boast a more than 30 points scoring average. only AI & King James can boast of this in the current season. not forgetting, Kobe does too.


Certainly not many players can enter the Hall of Fame like how he did.

81 points.

Wilt Chamerlain's 100 points record remains intact.. but this is surreal. If you've watched him play, you know the Lakers' play revolves around him totally. He calls for the ball, makes the shot, misses? nvm.. the whole team bears no grudges. For more often than not, his shoulders can carry the weight of the whole team.

His Airness's apparent heir is for real.


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